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The Allure of the Emmys

Updated on September 20, 2018
davidnewman8267 profile image

David is a student at UC Berkeley planning to major in Political Science and English

The golden trophy rewarded for the pop-culture friendly TV shows.
The golden trophy rewarded for the pop-culture friendly TV shows.

The transition to college brings many substantial changes with it, but by far one of the biggest ones is a general feeling of disconnect. “Disconnect from what?” you might ask, but of course the question does not have one simple answer. Living on campus you deal with the reality of your campus life. Classes, clubs, dining halls, social interactions, and studying become your life. That’s of course not to say there’s no contact with the outside world. On the contrary, the news is still accessible and phones and email give one the easy ability, of course, to keep in touch with friends and family far away. And yet there is still that feeling, that nagging feeling, like the one I’m sure many have felt on a boat slowly drifting across the horizon. College is a place of purgatory, seemingly separated by sheer cliffs on each side from the golden normalcy of a suburban childhood and the towering mountains of a successful adulthood. Therefore when I saw the news alert that the Emmys had begun, I jumped for the first time in over a month of college to watch live TV.

Be it the Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globes, or whatever other knockoff events Hollywood could stuff a few celebs into, my family and I would watch these events with a religious dedication growing up. The pie in the sky high-rises of the American dream roped us in with spectacular showmanship and shared experience: “Hey I saw that movie!” or “Hey I know that actor” were all it really took to be swept off your feet and pulled to the shining rafters. Even when I had no knowledge of the movies or actors present, there was always something so safe about grown-ups talking so damn elegantly.

They were professionals, and by god, they looked the part.

So when that alert danced across my screen I instantly found the excuse I needed to procrastinate on my homework. It was sentimentality, awe, comedy, and the certainty of adult success all rolled into a couple hours.

So how was it? Basically what I was expecting actually. Many of the jokes were lame and of course, it ran a couple hours too long, but that taste of pompous entertainment awards truly delivered. The music and booming announcers voicers waltzed effortlessly around my ears, and I let myself be carried by golden statues to the overproduced world of my dreams. In fact, I even knew some of the winners! The Good Place was ignored again of course but The Marvelous Miss Maisel and Barry are both definitely worth checking out (streaming on Amazon Prime and HBO respectively).

While of course not the perfect event my memory always cracks it up to be, the allure of the Emmys was completely on display for me this time. For a night I was safe in the certainty that my previous life did not simply end the day I left, and that the future, however uncertain, was still just one overlong display of glorious possibilities waiting to happen.


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