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The Amazing Race 20 -- A Watched Pot Never Boils

Updated on March 2, 2012

After last week's leg where a team that could have remained in the race didn't see the pit stop and left, this episode seemed a bit lack luster in comparison.

The first task is to go to the Cafayate Town Square and wait for a clue to be delivered. The clue gives the teams a choice of assembling a solar over and boiling water on it or transporting wood on a donkey and starting a fire. Most pick the solar oven.

After that teams are instructed to board a bus to Buenos Aires and take a 15 hour bus ride to the next task. Which is called, Where's The Beef. It involves counting a group of cattle and calculating how much they're worth. A few have trouble with the math.

The pit stop is El Gomero which you travel by taxi.

The check-in line-up is as follows:

1. Rachel and Dave who get a trip to Grenada.

2. Art and JJ

3. Bopper and Mark

4. Brendon and Rachel

5. Kerri and Stacy

6. Nary Jaime

7. Vanessa and Ralph

8. Team Guido

9. Eliot and Andrew

Team Eliminated -- The Clowns.

I decided to do something new a keep statistics of the rankings for where each team landed on the Leader Board each week:

Week #2 Rankings:

1. Rachel and Dave 1.0

2. Art and JJ 2.5

3. Rachel and Brendon 3.0

4. Nary and Jamie 5.0

5. Bopper and Mark 6.0

5. Kerri and Stacy 6.0

5. Vanessa and Ralph 6.0

8. Eliot and Andrew 7.5

9. Team Guido 9.0

Judging by the rankings, unless Team Guido doesn't start placing higher on the leader board, they could be very well next to be eliminated. They would have been eliminated the first week if The Golfers hadn't screwed up so badly and not seen the pit stop when they were inches within it.


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