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The Amazing Race 21 -- Moscow

Updated on November 14, 2012

Is this the end for James and Abba?

James and Abba run into more trouble of having someone take from them, but it isn’t the Gruesome Twosome aka The Twinnies and their accomplices after the fact, Two-faced Trey and Lowlife Lexie.

Teams are told to fly to Moscow and once they land they have to make their way to a sculpture park to find their next clue.

Ryan was particularly obnoxious at the beginning of this leg of the race trash-talking about the other racers. He believes they all see him as some big threat. So it was with a bit of malicious glee I watched him miss his flight to Moscow. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving slug. It would have been perfect if the Twinnies and Trey and Lexie had been with him and they’d all missed their flight. But I’ll take what I can get. I have to admit I didn’t care that Josh and Brent also missed their flight and formed an alliance with Abbie and Ryan.

The thieving Twinnies going on about wanting to get away from all the other teams. They’re team up with their sticky-fingered cohorts, Trey and Lexie.

The next clue tells racers to make their way to Ivan the Terrible’s guards. Once they find them they’re giving the tour to a Detour.


Alphabetize –

Choose a librarian. Select four books from a list written in Russian, search the card file also written in Russian and find them on the shelves. Then bring them to the librarian for their next clue. James and Abba try it but give up. Unfortunately, karma doesn’t seem to be visiting upon fellow thieves, Trey and Lexie, as they don’t have much trouble finding the books and getting their next clue.

Synchronized –

Learn and perform a choreographed swimming routine. This isn’t much easier than the library task. The Chippies convince the Twinnies not to use the ExpressPass when they have trouble doing the routine.

The next destination is to travel by taxi to search for the Trees Of Love. Once you find it, you discover it’s a Roadblock.


Unlock Tree of Love by unlocking 10 locks. Once the locks are unlocked, you’ll get a racing ribbon. It reveals that the next Pit Stop is at the Bolshoi Theater. This is when James and Abba run into disaster. They left all their stuff in their taxi and it takes off with all their stuff inside.

When they go to check-in Phil demands to see their passports and when they can’t produce them, Phil says unless they can they can’t check-in and they’re out of the race. What really ticked me off about this is Phil didn’t say boo to the four thieves over taking James and Abba’s money when they checked into the Pitstop last week. Yet, the minute James and Abba try to check-in he’s confronting them about their passports.

Speaking of the obnoxious Twinnies, they’re not happy when they check-in. They’re not happy with their performance on this leg of the race. But apparently they were happy as larks when they managed to steal another team’s money.

Meanwhile, Abbie, Ryan, Trent and Josh arrive in Moscow and make it to the synchronized swimming task as TO BE CONTINUED flashes across the screen and the credits roll.

So far, the teams that check-in rank as follows:

  1. Trey and Lexie [who win atrip to Maui].
  2. The Chippendales
  3. The Twinnies
  4. James and Abba

If James and Abba get the boot, the only team that’s the least bit decent enough to root for will be the Chippendales. The other teams are just noxious. I’ll be darned if I root for thieving lowlifes like Trey and Lexie or the foul Twinnies. And it’s only a matter of time before Josh and Trent get the boot. Besides, I keep forgetting about them; they’re that forgettable.


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