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The Amazing Race 25 -- How Shelley Became Smelly In My Book!

Updated on November 11, 2014

And how Jimbo became Jimhole

I'm not talking about Shelley peeing her pants like her daughter did. She does something on the race that just shows how much she truly stinks. But, hey, I finally know which one is which finally! As for Jimhole, not only does he have an overbearing ego, he's also nasty to boot. A true A-hole.

First off, let me make an apology for any names I get wrong or misspell. I was just having a really hard time getting the names, this episode.

Teams discovered that their next destination was Marrakesh, Morocco. They head to Menara Airport. Upon arrival where they were to search the Food Car Garage for their next clue. After being told to search for a marked brown door they're given the task: Cart It Out, which involves pulling out a food cart and helping to set it up to the satisfaction of the food manager.

Before Misti and Jimbo can do that task, they have to do their Speed Bump, which involves hanging carpets on poles. Misti has trouble with this, as well. I have to say this leg just convinced me that Misti's elevator doesn't go to the top floor. She just seems pretty useless. But maybe that's what makes her marriage to Jimbo work. She's kind of zoned out so she doesn't really notice Jimbo's neanderthal behavior. Meanwhile Jimbo starts his braying up again. Seems coming in last place last time and having to do a Speed Bump hasn't let any of the hot air out of his over-inflated ego. Even though he isn't doing so great at this task, either.

Once Jimbo and Misti finish this task, they head over to Cart It Out. Mr. "I'm A Muscle Man" doesn't have any trouble carting out the heavy cart. And, unfortunately, they kind of speed through the task and catch up with the other teams, erasing the time deficit the Speed Bump gave them.

Next you had to make your way on foot to the old tannery in the old city. The next task was to finish preparing skins. You had to finish pull the hair off three hides and then transport them by bike to deliver them and return to the tannery and their partner to get their next clue.

And this is the portion of the race when Jimbo earned Jimhole. Maya was trying to look on the bright side of things and Jimbo started ridiculing and mocking her for it. Yeah, braying about how you're the greatest is so much more effective than trying to see the good in a bad situation. The guy is just a complete A-hole.

This was also the portion of the show where dear old Shelley started causing trouble again. This time with Keith and Whitney. She tried to claim you couldn't get in line unless your partner was standing by your side and the clue said no such thing. She was trying to line-cut. Only Keith wouldn't let the old witch get away with it. Unfortunately, Shelley went all midieval demanding she get satisfaction for the wrong Keith and Whitney done did her. Much like she screwed her own daughter and team mate over because she got her nose out of joint and demanded her daughter apologize to her.

After that you have to make your way on foot to the next clue. Which is a Detour.

Twirl Time -- This was another task that seemed simple, but gave a lot of teams a dizzy headache. One team mate had to play a drum while the other had to make a tassel on their head twirl for a set amount of time. And a lot of them couldn't do it.

Tea Time -- involved watching a demonstration of the Moroccan way to serve tea and then to replicate it to get your next clue.

Bethany and Adam are the only team that takes time to practice how to pour the tea, while the others get frustrated cause they can't figure out what they're doing wrong.

The next clue directs teams to Le Grande Balcon du Cafe Glacier. It's here the Double U-Turn is located. And can I say I hate that the show puts the Double U-Turn right before you head to the Pit Stop? I also don't think it's fair. It's almost nearly impossible to go and complete the other task and be able to check-in without being eliminated.

Usually, unless you're in fearing elimination, I'm generally against using the U-Turn but because of the Save thing the Dentists have, I was hoping someone would U-Turn them so they'd come in last and have to use their Save. That way the playing field would be evened. Jimhole is just too obnoxious to have that kind of power.

But what does one team after another do? "I choose not to use it!" Every time one of them said that I yelled at my TV, "F U you f-ing moron." Of course the one team that does use it, Pee-Pee Pants Nici and Smelly Shelley don't use it in any kind of strategic way. No, the old heifer wants revenge cause Keith wouldn't let her cut ahead of her in line. So she U-Turns Keith and Whitney. Which is why I call her Smelly, cause she stinks worst than her urine smelling daughter.

Another thing the race has started doing this season that I hate is not revealing which team came in which place. This is how the first four teams checked in:

1. Kym and Alli who each won $5,000.

2. Bethany and Adam

3. Tim and Tejay

4. Smelly and Nici

Needless to say Smelly got what she wanted and Keith and Whitney came in last and were eliminated. Enjoy your moment of revenge while it lasts, Smelly, cause the way you're playing this game you're going to be eliminated sooner rather than later. She's too into her own ego and get revenge on anyone she thinks has offended her, even if that someone is her own daughter. With that kind of mentality you won't last long on the race.


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