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The Amazing Race -- Indonesia

Updated on October 3, 2011

So far, this has been a very mean season. The bar seems to have been raised. And if there's a sign on a table you have to go to, you'd better read the sign.

At the beginning of this leg of the race, I would have said The Grandparents were goners. They just did so bad on the first leg of the race. But as those who watch this show know, anything can happen to change things. And one particular task in this race that involved reading messed up all but a few teams.

The Grandparents luck out in the fact all the teams end up being on the same plane. All the other teams give them a hearty welcome and are glad to see them, while they still resent Team Survivor being among the other racers..

The destination for this leg is Jakarta, Indonesia. Everyone also boards the same train, too, so there's no leader in this leg, so far.

The Double J's are still going at it, as the other teams watch them, looking somewhat uncomfortable. Justin actually makes a good suggestion to his sister. He suggests that maybe he should get on the phone to find out about the area and to see if there is a quicker alternative form a transportation. But the fighting with his sister preventing him from doing it, and they wait with the other teams for the train to arrive.

The next stop in Indonesia is the Goa Jomblang Caves. All the teams endure a wild ride in a taxi. It looks more like taking an amusement part ride than a taxi ride.

Roadblock -- They have to spelunk by rappelling down the side of a cliff and going inside a cave where they'll retrieve a mask and dagger. Then they have to climb back up this huge bamboo ladder.

The Grandparents actually arrive at the Roadblock first, but they have to do a Speed Bump task because they came in last the last leg. It's actually a pretty easy one. They have to unknot a rope. They seem to do it pretty quickly and get on with the spelunking.

Next up is a Detour: Shake Your Money Maker or Be A Ticket Taker.

In Shake Your Money Maker -- a team member has to dance in a costume and mask and dance and get tips for their dance, while their other team mate beats a drum.

In Be A Ticket Taker -- teams have to get motor bikes to park in their area and collect tickets from them.

Okay, this is where this task gets mean. What money the teams make has to be taken to an orphanage and there's a sign on the table instructing teams that they have to give all the money they have on their person. If they don't read that sign, and just go by what was said on their clue, they're basically screwed. And a lot of teams don't read that sign. In fact, only three teams read that sign, which enables them to get ahead of the pack: The Snowboards, Showgirls and Zac and Larry.

Cindy and Ernie are first to arrive and they're told to return to the orphanage and give them all their money. So are The Twins, The Grandparents, etc. Because of that little sign and not reading it correctly Team Survivor and and the domestic partners/pilots get eliminated.

For coming in number one the Snowboarders get a trip to Ireland from Travelocity.

This is the second leg in a row a sign has messed teams up. Last leg was having to figure out the video billboard on a building amongst a seas of billboards was the next clue. And this time it was that innocuous sign on the table instructing racers to not give the money they earned, but all their money to the orphans.

I really didn't feel sorry about Team Survivor getting the boot. Together Ethan and Jenna have won 2 million. What were they even doing on this show? I felt the same way as the other racers did. There was no need for them to be on this show. I really wish past reality TV contestants didn't end up coming on another show, especially if they've already won money. Just makes them look like greedy hogs.

Anyway, after the double elimination the team standing is as follows:

1. The Snowboarders

2. Larry and Zac

3. The Showgirls

4. Ernie and Cindy

5. The Twins

6. Jeremy and Sandy

7. The Grandparents

8. Double J's

9. Amani and Marcus

It may be a good thing that Ethan and Jenna got the boot. When one of them left the clue behind, Ethan began sniping at Jenna. This is not a game you want to go on if you're in a romantic relationship with someone, even when you're relationship is good. The tension and pressure will have the most mild-mannered person shrieking at their partner when they don't do the task right or if they're not fast enough. The Amazing Race isn't couples therapy. After being on the Amazing Race you may need couples therapy.


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    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 6 years ago

      I love watching the amazing race and I'm quite happy that 'Survivor' is gone. They had already won one million dollar each and someone else deserves the money. Also, I'm starting to like the Grandparents, they really showed their competitive side. But other than that, I have no favorite team yet.