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The Amazing Race -- Molasses And Feathered

Updated on March 6, 2013

Original Airing: March 3, 2013

The Dave and Connor drama continued in this episode, as Dave, I think it is, [I’m not sure which is which] was still concerned he tore his Achilles Tendon. They decided to continue racing as far as they could in the next leg, and got helped tremendously when John and Jessica kept their word and gave them the Express Pass.

The first destination was Phil’s hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. Getting there by plane seemed to take several connecting flights and somehow Chuck and Wynona screwed it up so they arrived last.

Upon arriving in Christchurch, they found a Ford Focus and had to drive themselves to the Rakia River Village. Upon Dave and Connor’s arrival, they headed to the hospital to find out how bad the foot injury is and was told it was the Achilles Tendon. Connor got a boot for his father to wear to protect his foot as much as possible and they continued on the race.

Upon arriving at the Rakia River Village, they have to camp overnight in a tent and take a tour boat the next day, which they got to drive themselves. After finishing that they were greeted with the task: Rev It Up Or Reel It In.

If you’re planning to run this race, you’d better know how to drive a shift stick. In Rev It Up the vintage cars you had to drive through a series of cones was a shift stuck. Because of his foot, Dave couldn’t do it, and they thought having to fish would take too long, so they ended up using their Express Pass to bypass this task and go on to the next task.

In Rev It Up both team members had to drive through the cones within 83 seconds. In Reel It In you had to catch a 12 inch fish.

The next destination was Mount Hutt Station where one member had to go through a fun obstacle course several times to collect a dozen eggs. One obstacle caused you to be coated in molasses and the other caused you to be coated in feathers. The third involved going down a slide into a manure pond. Because of the Express Pass, Dave and Connor were able to finish first and arrive at the Pit Stop first.

The Pit Stop was at Terrace Downs and Dave and Connor were given both good news and bad news as they arrived. The good news was they were number one and they’d won a trip to Bangkok. The bad news is this Pit Stop would offer the duo no rest stop, as the race was to keep on going, as they were given a new clue.

The cliffhanger was if Dave and Connor would choose to accept the clue and continue racing, or if they would decide to call it quits. If they decide to quit, they can leave the race on top, by resigning the race as number one. If they decide to stay they could have a big enough lead so they could make it another leg of the race.


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