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The Amazing World of Gumball Piece by Piece

Updated on May 4, 2018
jacob Joel profile image

I have watched an indefinite number of cartoons for as long as I can fathom and would one day like to make them.

The Amazing World of Gumball Theme Song


Welcome to Elmore, an almost rainbow like home to a very weirdly amazing combination of people with color schemes resembling the vomit of a rainbow, who are all inter woven into the beautiful tool that bends to the will of Gumball Watterson, a cat. Imagine that.

The Amazing World of Gumball currently runs at six seasons showing the adventure of a "dysfunctional" family of four: Richard Watterson, Nicole Watterson, Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson (pun intended) and Anais Watterson. To get more personal, when the show was being aired for the first time, I hated it. The characters didn't match with each other because some were drawn and some where molded (probably with something like blender). After scrolling through countless memes on the Internet and learning of dank humor and watch Gintama (best decision ever), I came to understand the show. And just like every single one of my favorite cartoon shows (which I hated at the beginning), Gumball stole my heart.


As for the characters, the best thing about them is they know they are characters in a cartoon and all the main and supporting characters in the show are on the bus to school with Gumball. To name a few, Banana Joe, Perry Ghost, Terry the paper, Rob (Gumballs arch enemy), Penny (Gumballs girlfriend)... I forgot the rest but undoubtedly the character with the most value in the entire show is Larry, a box, whom is always present in every store and his absence resulting in an apocalypse. Characters with no name are the most insignificant in the show, with very little screen time. Many characters are renewable, like Anton the toast (mind blown).

Richard Watterson

A pink rabbit with a serious eating problem, a deadbeat stay at home dad, man child who is not very bright a individual (in the sense you make think), all encompassed into the character that is this guy. If it were any other character, you could claim he has no relevance whatsoever but the only character that understands the enigma that is Nicole Watterson and can cool her flaming temper is him. He is also the only one who can handle all three children in their raw, unsupervised state as weird golem creatures. There was indeed an episode where Richard was talked into undergoing a training montage by Gumball and Darwin (for reasons I can’t completely remember) and although the montage ended, he kept going. The lazy man child we all knew transformed, overnight, into a very buff individual (*cough* Zac Efron) until Gumball reminds him of what he loves most, food. He was born of a rabbit and a hare (kind of the same thing but his father is a con artist so I couldn’t help it).

Nicole Watterson

Nicole was the child of top tier parents. During an episode, Nicole loses her temper, as usual, and for a slight moment, retreats to her own mind to see what she could’ve done different. She recalls a day, neigh the day when she was to go for a martial arts tournament and due to a series of events, ends up meeting a certain pink rabbit, Richard. After thinking about it, every other option she could’ve possibly taken would inevitably lead her to Richard. When one regrets an action and takes the time to look back, you learn that there was never really an alternative.

Nicoles Kung Fu: Nicole vs Yuki

Gumball Watterson

He’s a cat who, ironically, believes the world revolves around him and treats it as such. Everything that happens in Elmore can be traced back to him. He is the cause and the solution. Encompassing him into a single or any other know number of paragraphs or words would be like trying to cool down the sun with water so you could walk on it. Unlike most characters, in any show, Gumball knows what he’s talking about and is well versed in almost every practice. He has fought formidable opponents and outsmarts them every time. Gumball out mischiefs the God of Mischief.

Darwin Watterson

Darwin is a fish. A fish that evolved beyond anything his species could ever dream of, all because of the bond formed between himself and Gumball. He is Gumballs partner and also his voice of reason.

Anais Watterson

She is also a pink rabbit and the smartest of the family, so smart that she corrected her own name from ‘Anias’ to ‘Anais’ when she was a baby. The stupidest thing she has ever said was in the episode where the entire family had a bad day and after venting decided to switch roles. After everyone experienced what a day in the shoes of everyone else would be like and were glad they would never be in each others’ shoes and she said “thank goodness I’ll never be an adult”. Again, this proves one should be happy and content with wherever it is one finds themselves. Anais represents the sentiment that one can be really smart despite how young they are. Whenever she isn't helping Gumball and Darwin (or being a co-pilot), she is clinging to her doll, Daisy.

Origin Story

The origin story of The Amazing world of Gumball is unlike anything ever seen in any cartoon. After Richard was kicked out by his mother and Nicole left home, the two decided to move in together, got together and had their first child, Gumball. Who yearned for a friend. Actually he was too mischievous that they decided to get Gumball a pet. A fish was the pick but every time they would die until Richard made a deal for a magical fish that didn’t die. Actually it did and gumball, like with all the other fishes, flushed it down the toilet. Turns out, Richard was teaching the fishes to sleep on their backs and Darwin wasn’t really dead. Darwin finds himself back in the ocean with some other fishes and tells them the tube he came out of, was a shit dump. He decides to go out of the water and all the other fishes cheer on for him. Then he collapses and they are like “I knew he couldn’t do it” but then he grows legs and starts walking and the circle continues until he comes to find the Wattersons leaving town. He is able to get to them in time and the origin story ends with the birth of Anais who corrects her name leaving everyone in the family with a very weird face.


The Amazing world of Gumball is the one cartoon not limited by any form of bias currently existing in the world. Every character represents something and everything Gumball says is raw, pure and true. The Amazing world of Gumball is the only show that ticks every box one can ever think of and doesn’t let itself be limited by the opinion of its audience. Script, character development, animation Quality, you name it. The Amazing World of Gumball, dare I say, is the best cartoon I have ever watched.

A kung fu powered Nicole, A food powered Richard, a mischief powered Gumball, a water powered Darwin and a Brain powered Anais.

Every character in the Amazing World of Gumball represents something in the real world. Now, assuming you leave a cat named gumball. All alone at home with all the “characters” and he starts to imagine a world, an amazing world based on him… then you have “the Amazing world of Gumball”. The real question now is: What is The Amazing world of Gumball based on?


What would you rate the Amazing world of Gumball

Cast your vote for The Amazing World Of Gumball (or TAWOG for short)

© 2018 Jacob Joel


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