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The Anatomy of the Adamgasm

Updated on August 6, 2009

Lambert's performance in Vancouver

Adamgasm: Definition/(n). The peak of one's sexual excitation caused by anything that involves Adam Lambert and his ultra sexiness.


You probably didn't hear it here first, but you've most likely heard it. It's a term from the urban dictionary describing an experience related to a certain idol named Adam Lambert. The American Idol runner up is doing just that....running up the charts, and driving his tweeter/facebook/myspace fans straight up the flagpole and into stellar orbit. And they're happy to be waving his flag. Not since Elvis or the Beatles has there been such a frenzy of excitement. Though I must confess, I don't endorse the comparison to previous idols; it doesn't do anyone justice. And this one in particular is in a league all his own. He has earned a separate designation.

"Glambert", I believe...

As for the anatomy of the Adamgasm, we look to the essence of Adam Lambert and his wide appeal to man and beast alike. Start with the Rolling Stone magazine cover where Lambert left a respectable portion of the population breathless with snake envy. Since then, almost every other part of his anatomy has been scrutinized, sending his devotees on the quest for oxygen and cold showers. His public appearances have sparked a near riot with young and old, gay and straight, and more than a few caught somewhere in between. He's even left some confused about their own image of sexuality.

Adam Lambert is redefining everything.

Whether you like him or not, his talent and influence cannot be denied. He's commanded some serious attention, and a lot of people are waiting to see and hear what this wonderlust has in his glittery bag of tricks. Unpredictable and devilishly aware of his own sexual power, he entices the masses with seemingly little effort. This guy could make mopping the floor a carnal experience. Men and women of all ages and orientations are showing up to the American Idol concerts just to witness Adam unleash himself from the confines of television censorship. As he recently twittered before a show in San Jose..."dance with me and I'll set you free..."

Get the dancing shoes on and attend one of these gigs. What you'll see are thousands of unabashed, shrieking admirers ready to "dance" the night away with Adam. Frenzied followers of the glambert tribe also patiently stand outside venues in hopeful anticipation of a mere glimpse, an autograph, or a personal encounter with the man himself. Early reports indicate that he has graciously attended some "meet and greets" with his fans expressing excitement and gratitude for his rapid fire success.

What a nice guy.

There is an interesting dichotomy to Adam Lambert, though, that is worthy of exploring. His persona offstage is that of a good-natured, unassuming, considerate, and modest type of fellow.

Onstage however, all hell breaks loose.

Right on cue, he frees the slick, hip thrusting, microphone straddling glam-boy, and storms the stage with the intensity of a hurricane leaving everyone in its wake. For the dancing, you get powerful, rhythmic moves that can only be performed by a member of the sexual elite. The songs are delivered in perfect pitch, and with a guttural cry here and there for effect.

A primal call to his mates.

He has an intrinsic understanding of his own talent, and how to flaunt it. In doing so, he boldly tempts a new generation of guilty voyeurs and curious listeners to stand up and take notice.

And they have.

It's a new day in pop culture, and Adam Lambert is writing the book on cool, singing an anthem of sexual freedom, and dancing to the beat of absolute liberation.

And what does he think of the term Adamgasm?

It pleases him.

"I'm glad I'm causing people gasms", he laughs.

As if he didn't know..........

Adam Lambert montage


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