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The Angst of Public Life in Social Media

Updated on July 28, 2015

Social Media

Social Media
Social Media | Source

Why Sharing Too Much On Social Media Won’t Do You Any Good

The rise of social media has certainly made something positive out of the online world as it rendered more people the level of connectivity that brings the world together. It has even provided a stage for individuals to be able to share their thoughts to other people from different parts of the world. However, it also has brought in several drawbacks especially with its constant progression through time. These negative aspects have become noticeable on how users go on with their everyday lifestyles and the way they treat relationships particularly when they overdo the sharing part of information online. Here are some of the most common reasons why sharing too much on social media won’t do you any good:

Hacking | Source

The Possibilities of Hacking

Hacking has become a prominent topic among social media users. With the great deal of personal information being shared by most online, it becomes easier for hackers to come up with new and more innovative techniques to have their way in other’s personal accounts. It can be as simple as a pal playing a joke on you. But what’s worse is when the expert hackers get to commit identity theft to the worst point of stealing your money and other personal identification.

Stealing of Photos

Aside from stolen credit cards or bank account information, the use of others’ photos and claim it without the permission of the owner has become totally rampant. It is common to find your most interesting ‘selfie’ suddenly appearing in a porn or dating site ad that pops us unnecessarily when you browse the internet. Others all of a sudden gets to see their photos even photoshopped in manner that can be truly offensive. Many of the victims of such circumstances are the celebrities who get bashed by several online haters.

Scammers Online
Scammers Online | Source

Encourage Scammers and Stalkers

When you share too much information online, you put yourself in a more vulnerable position. Stalkers are most likely to effectively track you around if you, for example, mention your locations all the time. On the other hand, many relationship seekers end up as victims of financial scams or even murders just because they have displayed a high interest on getting hooked.

Remember, it won’t make you look bad if you maintain a certain level of privacy for your online presence to stay in control. There are lots of websites online that you can refer to which can help you avoid sharing too much information without needing to acquire any technical skill to apply it.


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