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The Trouble with the Annual 9/11 Televised News

Updated on September 14, 2015
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen.

NYC Street Map
NYC Street Map | Source

Every year, many Facebook friends will share memes created with images of the two towers and the phrase "Never Forget." It's touching. I sincerely agree that it's important to remember, and think it's lovely that we dedicate so much time and energy to it, each year.

Nonetheless, I have one major complaint.

What about all of the other tragedies that have occurred in history before and since?

What Facebook Shares without Sharing

I won't name names, but the majority of people I know on Facebook are not news-buffs. They aren't involved in politics, regardless of how strong their views may be. Sharing memes is not the same thing as being capable of explaining exactly why you, specifically, hold a particular opinion. So, until I see a thoroughly researched thought-process, I can't take someone's viewpoint seriously if it must come with a photo/text box created by someone who knows their HTML codes. So, if just once a year, I see these same individuals suddenly become passionate about one single historical tragedy, expressing how patriotic they are, I question how seriously I am supposed to take them or how seriously they take themselves.

So, you were around during September the 11th. So was I. I was also around to read about one million other horrifying events taking place around the world, and cringed and cried and felt like vomiting each time I read them, but I have yet to see you become nearly as passionate about another single event involving human adversity. This leads me to one conclusion: You are just bothered by the fact it was on American land done by a terrorist group from another country. You could no longer stay blind to the idea that you were never invincible to the dangers of war. Do you know what this also means? America isn't actually that much safer than any other country. Do you know why you're questioning this? Because that was the entire point! Osama bin Laden wanted you awake. Are you listening, yet?

9/11 Memorials. NYC. 2001
9/11 Memorials. NYC. 2001 | Source

The News

At the very least, shouldn't the attacks have inspired people, even young people, to want to read the news? Shouldn't we now be more interested in other countries since clearly other countries are interested in us—and some in negative ways? And please, don't give me that, "Oh, they just hate us 'cause we're beautiful" crap. Read once in a blue moon! Get involved. Learn why other countries may not admire us. If we're so great, shouldn't they want to be more like us? Maybe there is some advice they could offer. Yes, that's a hint!

Not enough people understand how the news works, unfortunately. They don't know about the bias. Look at how many people rely on Fox News for their information. It's frightening to live in America, sometimes. This article is technically biased. I'll admit it. Some people will read this and agree; others will be angry with me. I'm perfectly okay with that.

America is supposed to be about accepting diversity, but are we?

The short answer is no. If we accepted diversity, we wouldn't have had that whole issue with Muslims for so long, would we? Did we really need a debate over the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist? I could understand being confused by the Christian Right and a terrorist. Just look at politics.

I feel like Bill Maher. I can hear the jeers from the Christian Right: "I'm not a terrorist! What are you talking about?" Well, I have to say, using your energy to end necessary nonprofits such as Planned Parenthood because you think it's going to harm people "financially" is about as selfish and terrorist-like as you can get as an American politician. You see, terrorists are not actually Muslim, but they think they are or they at least put Allah on their slogan to sound good. You put Jesus on yours to sound innocent; unfortunately for you, smart people like myself only see you trying to "do right by your bible" by "putting women in their place." It doesn't quite make sense with the lower class, of course, since Jesus hung out with us, but you get my point.

So, instead of fighting terrorism, we continue to create it within our own country over smaller yet equally as significant issues.

9/11: The Scapegoat

If you have read my article on Eminem titled "Eminem: The Scapegoat" you may be familiar with how I have written on the topic of scapegoating in the media. I firmly believe the fact that all news stations obsessing over 9/11, each year, is more than just to be respectful. It's a scapegoat. Let's pretend this is literally the only horrifying event that has taken place in America over the past decade, and blow it way out of proportion. Yes, it took a long time to clean up. Yes, countless lives were lost. Yes, it was quite a scene to witness, even on television.

Now, let me ask you this: What if we lived in a country where we saw terrorist attacks every day?

These places exist. All out in the open. We hide things like that in America. We don't like them in plain view where Americans won't feel ignorantly safe. They just couldn't hide the twin towers and the planes. So, now, each year, we play it over and over and over, again. We talk about it, over and over.

We don't want a new tragedy. We don't want to know what terrifying thing happened, yesterday. Or what happened within the past ten years that was equally as bad. We can't handle such things. We just need one day to feel really depressed and angry and scared. Then, we can go back to being the ignorant hateful Americans we all know we really are.

9/11 Memorial Sheet. 2001. NYC
9/11 Memorial Sheet. 2001. NYC | Source

In all honesty, let's never forget September 11th, but let's also never forget the other events of war and violence that occur all over the world in which innocent people die, every day. Let's stop placing America on a pedestal.

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