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The Aries Child Personality

Updated on June 6, 2013

Aries Kids: March 20-April 20

Born between the twentieth of March and the twentieth of April, the Aries child bears the Ram sign. A child born under the sign of Aries is enterprising, energetic and extremely independent. It is usually delightful to bring up an Aries child and you will definitely be kept on your toes with this one.

Brilliant and Innovative

It may surprise you how brilliant and innovative your Aries child is. Whether they use their brilliance for leading their friends at the playground or use it for building things, or even for designing toy organization systems, you will know your little Arian has no issues attempting new stuff and is quite clever. No matter how many ideas don’t seem to work, you will find that they are rarely discouraged for long, and if they are, the brand new ideas they come up with just erases any feelings of discouragement and off they go once more. Quite capable of keeping themselves busy, they truly understand when you tell them that on most days, mom and dad need to work. In general, they are easy to get along with and are great at entertainment. Occasionally, they will attempt to take more than their credit for the victory of the team but they do acknowledge the victory of the team as well. Keeping an eye on their tendencies to brag will help curb this quality later on in life. It is not going to be hard to teach your little Arian social skills since they do consider what others think of them and do truly care for other people.

Successful Entrepreneurs

The traits that create entrepreneurs who are successful are what an Aries child possesses. They are hard working and love working as a 1-man show. They also love being the first to show new discoveries to the world and rarely let others domineer over them. When you think of these qualities, imagine them in a child. Your child born under Aries will most likely have a deep desire for being number one in life; will be innovative and very energetic. They tend to have the workaholic nature of Capricorns and the need to be in the limelight that Leos have. Aries kids are fire signs just like Leos and do not desire being bossed around at the very least. Rams symbolize Aries, which climb strongly but will butt heads when you provoke them.

Natural Enthusiasm

Children who are Aries are ‘doers’ with a tendency to have enthusiasm which is contagious, as everyone else will tend to become influenced. With their boundless energy, Aries kids will want to experience and live through each and everything that is in front of them. They have great stamina and have a strong spirit which is quite competitive. These children never even think about coming in 2nd place at anything, as they believe the first prize naturally belongs to them. Aries kids will tend to begin many projects and will be impatient. They also have a tendency to lose interest after a while. With these kids, frustration is common and they will be sure everyone hears about how they feel.

Fierce Independence

Your child will most likely be very independent and lead other kids to exploring under rocks or similar places. Your daughter could reach for the highest tree branches just to check whether she can and your son could be overturning rocks to find bugs. This is a streak of independence that is unique to all Aries children. In addition, an Aries child won’t really need company to feel secure and are born with the capability of entertaining their own selves. At times, children under this sign even thrive as they play or work on their own. Unlike other kids they won’t be clingy or emotionally needy. If you are a type of mother who worries about homework that is not done or the sniffles, a good idea is to just leave your Aries child alone as being overprotected brings out the worst in a daughter or son who is Aries. This is especially true when the children reach their teenage years. When it comes to their independent nature, the real issue is that they have a hard time dealing with orders from parents or anyone.

Born Leaders

You Aries child will definitely be born a leader. Don’t be surprised if your Aries child immediately assumes the position of leader in a group. As you watch your child playing with other kids in the park, you will soon notice her or hi beginning to direct other kids, telling their playmates what to do and suggesting which games to play. This all indicates a natural leader, while others could perceive this as being bossy. However, the innate Aries child’s social nature will help balance his or her leadership tendencies. At one point or another, your child could take more credit for the victory of the team. Of course, they also acknowledge the contributions of others as well. Children who are Aries can also be impatient or dictatorial with other kids, to the dismay of their mothers, usually. To address this issue, it is important that you let their qualities of leadership bloom while teaching them understanding and compassion. You might also want to discourage extreme bragging, which is also a tendency.

Great Self Esteem

You may have self-esteem issues that arise with your other children, but this won’t be a problem with your Aries child. Aries kids tend to have enough self-confidence and are more than comfortable with risk taking. Generally, they have the abilities of setting their own limitations and won’t do stuff that is overly crazy. Being their cheerleader as their parent will help them achieve. They love positive attention and excited fans when they take risks that are calculated. Of course, when gambles don’t pay off they don’t love being reminded of it, but will be happy to take the consequences. They find the game of punishment and reward that life deals quite exciting and you may have a hard time keeping up with them.


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