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The Ark Music Factory

Updated on October 20, 2013
Patrice Wilson, co-founder of Ark Music Factory. No, seriously, he is in a panda costume.
Patrice Wilson, co-founder of Ark Music Factory. No, seriously, he is in a panda costume.

In 2010, both Patrice Wilson, a Nigerian singer (according to Wikipedia) and Clarence Jey, a multi-instrumentalist both started Ark Music Factory, which is a service that for a fee of $2,000 to $4,000, children in their pre-teens or teenagers can have their own music video with the song written by both Wilson and Jey (later to be just Wilson and a few unnamed others). If you may not know the name Ark Music Factory, you likely know who Rebecca Black is.

As you may have noticed, Ark Music Factory was behind the fame of Rebecca Black’s Friday, a song that tortured a lot of ears starting around March of 2011, at that time, the biggest stories were the big Earthquake in Japan and Rebecca Black’s Friday. Black and her mother had ponied up $4,000 to Wilson and Jey a month previous. The song was featured on Tosh.0 and for a good while, Friday really made quite a few people angry. It escalated to Black being bullied at school, let’s not forget all the rude comments and even death threats to Ms. Black herself.

As for me, I didn’t like Friday either and I laughed my ass off when Opie & Anthony bashed the song (O & A are the ones responsible for bringing Friday to my attention), but we do have some sad basement dwellers getting very angry over a 13-year-old’s bad music video. (Also, I played that role in late 07/early 08)

For those who wished to explorer further, if you were to look at related videos on the right side of your YouTube app or viewing from PC, besides the vids parodying Friday or others opinions, you might find other like videos from Ark Music Factory. You might see for example, Abby Jones – Lovin’ Life or Todd Rucker – Skateboarding (these are just examples, I’m unsure if these names or songs are part of the Ark Music galaxy, let’s hope not). Here’s another example:

I only watched this video for about 20 seconds and perhaps it's not good for a writer like myself to not provide full facts, but for the first 20 seconds, it has that generic sadness that exists with Rebecca Black's Friday. However, I noticed that Lexi St. George’s video here has more likes than dislikes, so Ark Music Factory has made a video that some people like. I also don’t know if Mr. Patrice Wilson appeared in this one, like he did in Friday (he’s the black man driving the car and making his own rap in the middle of the song).

But, for those who have the general idea of Ark Music Factory or Mr. Patrice Wilson himself, just after Halloween in 2012, we were exposed to the great joy of Thanksgiving:


Now this video is god awful. What I find horrible is when we see this 12-year-old with make-up on doing a bad rap at the end and taking a turkey leg as a microphone singing horribly about being thankful. But what makes it worse is Mr. Wilson’s appearance in the video. He comes in for the second verse of the song about the all the holidays we celebrate (in America that is).

And just before Ms. Westbrook’s rap, we see him coming to the door wearing a turkey costume. A black man in a turkey costume shows up to a rich-suburbia thanksgiving house party with only pre-teen kids? You can call me racist or evil all you like, but I think some people out there find that rather worrisome or creepy, even if you take the race polarity out of it.

My thoughts went towards a Jim Norton (a very good comedian) character known as Uncle Paul.

Augh, boy...
Augh, boy... | Source

And now as we head to Halloween in 2013 with the U.S. Government finally opening back up from that partial shutdown and just in time before we reach a default, Partice Wilson had showed us the wonder of Chinese Food via Allison Gold.

After watching this myself, I thought someone may have put magic mushrooms into my turkey sandwich. We got Allison Gold (or whomever her name may be) telling us how she is grumpy and hungry. But all is good when she discovers a Chinese restaurant right across the street. After naming the varieties of Chinese food, she sits down and sings the second verse.

Thirteen Years Of Gray
Thirteen Years Of Gray

Book by this article's author, Robbee Thomas.

I can see why the Asian community is upset.
I can see why the Asian community is upset. | Source

And after the second verse, it just got worse. Along with the child/teen actors dancing in the background, we see a panda bear sitting at a table near Allison. I think with most people who have seen both ‘Friday’ and ‘It’s Thanksgiving,’ you know this leads to something not very good. The panda bear (spoiler: It’s Patrice Wilson) and Allison run into a field and dance for a while. And of course, Patrice takes off the Panda head and raps about Chinese food, with two scenes of him sitting on a bench eating and flip-flopping to him in a bedroom with pre-teen girls playing Monopoly.

I can imagine Patrice Wilson getting in trouble with the law and being called Chester by the other inmates.

I can make all the pedophile jokes I can, just as anyone who’s watching this. Like I said earlier with ‘It’s Thanksgiving,’ it’s creepy and quite bothersome to see a man in a panda suit (or a turkey suit) sitting in a room with 12-year-old girls with loads of make-up on. However, I’ll send a little less time calling Patrice Wilson a sick dude and go on to the Asian community’s reaction to this. I’ve recently stumbled onto whereas an Asian producer for the site, named Michael Koh, is also not a fan of the newest addition by Allison Gold. He had lots of interesting things to say about the video, Ms. Gold, Mr. Wilson and the stereotypes associated with this video. He also pointed out where Ms. Gold and a couple of geishas dancing are not Chinese, but Japanese (didn’t know that one myself).

Here is Michael Koh’s article:


In the end, is this all Patrice Wilson’s fault? To be honest, he is a businessman to say the least. How he does business is judged by the people who watch his videos and for these fame-hungry tweens that have parents with money. It goes well for pre-teens and teens looking for that 15 minutes of fame, for a sum of $2,000 to $4,000, you can have your own music video with a song written by Wilson and some unnamed others (since co-founder Jey has left and the videos go under the YouTube name: Patomzsic). You can sing very well? That shouldn’t be a problem, there is the option of auto-tune, making the talentless seem talented.

Overall, Ark Music Factory seems to be going very good despite how awfully strange the said videos. Patrice Wilson (according to Wikipedia) is from Nigeria, home of the 419 scams. If anyone has received a poorly-written e-mail in English by a prince or princess asking you for a sum of 5000 USD for an exchange of 5.000.000 USD, you'll understand what I’m talking about. With that being said, I don’t think Patrice may understand how things work here in the US. Of course, you can grant the wishes of a fame-hungry teenager for a couple of thousand dollars. But, when you are in these video dressed as a turkey and hanging out with teen girls wearing a gross amount of make-up, people are going to think the worst of you.

That, or perhaps this:

SPECIAL THANKS to Michael Koh of Thought Catalog

Also Opie & Anthony, you can hear them on SiriusXM

And also Wikipedia.


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