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Is 'The Avengers' movie kid-friendly?

Updated on June 8, 2017
The Avengers is rated PG-13.
The Avengers is rated PG-13. | Source

The Characters

Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is the director of SHIELD, a government agency. He, with his team of agents, assemble the extraordinary people that become the Avengers.

Iron Man/Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey, Jr., is a "genius billionaire playboy" with an armored suit and a device in his chest to prevent his heart from failing.

Captain America/Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, was a World War II science experiment to create a super soldier. He crashed in the arctic, cryogenically freezing until found and thawed in the modern age.

Hulk/Dr. Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, is a scientist who you wouldn't like when he's angry. As a result of an experiment with gamma rays, Banner turns into a big green monster (Hulk) when angered.

Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is an alien the Norse believed to be the god of thunder. Only he can lift his powerful hammer.

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson, is an highly-skilled assassin turned SHIELD agent.

Hawkeye/Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, is a master archer and SHIELD agent.

Phil Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, and Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders, are both SHIELD agents with important supporting roles to the Avengers team.

Loki, played by Tim Hiddleston, is Thor's adoptive brother with major issues that make him want to rule the world, like any good supervillain.

The Avengers movie was the biggest thing at the theaters its opening weekend, but will your kids enjoy it as much as you?

First, let me be clear the movie is rated PG-13, most likely for the superhuman violence and destruction. If your child is used to watching superhero movies or television programs, they will be able to handle this movie.

My five-year-old son sat on the edge of his seat for a good portion of the movie, and only jumped in my arms in fear when it appeared a hero was about to be squashed by a rampaging Hulk. This same child, moments later, was cheering on the Hulk as he squashed the bad guys.

In fact, in reviewing the movie, my son said his favorite action moment and funniest moment both featured the angry green monster-turned-hero.

The movie starts right away with Loki, quickly introduced as Thor's brother, arriving as he makes it clear by attacking a SHIELD lab and base that he is the bad guy in the movie. There is then some set up as the Avengers team is assembled, so those who haven't seen the previous movies (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Hulk, Thor and Captain America) know who these guys are. Some of these set-ups include action, like Black Widow beating up the bad guys while tied to a chair, ala Drew Barrymore in Charlie's Angels.

The story goes on to show how a group of people with very different personalities can come together and work as a team to achieve a goal. They fight with each other- super fight and verbally fight- almost destroying themselves in the process. Once the heroes realize what they must do, they seamlessly work to defeat Loki and his army.

There is plenty of action throughout the movie leading up to the main battle scene to keep kids entertained, as well as humor on their level. Although these scenes are not as gory as they could be, there is one scene in which Loki stabs a device into a character's eye to gain access to a needed item, as well as a scene in which a main character is killed by a weapon stabbed through his back and through his chest.

Your child will love this movie, and may even learn something about teamwork in the process.

Note: There are two after-the-credits scenes, so stay in your seats until the very end!

5 stars for The Avengers


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    • Neha Pandal profile image

      Neha Pandal 4 years ago from Delhi

      Kids are smart this days, so the movie is completely kid friendly.

    • cornerkick99 profile image

      cornerkick99 5 years ago from Magnolia, AR

      Samantha Pawelek, it's worth taking your sister to see it!! I took my son to see it last week and he totally enjoyed it! Best movie I've seen all year and probably the best I've seen in a couple years. That action is non-stop and although there are a couple graphic scenes where people get shot, it's not blood gushing all over the place like some other movies. The producers did a really good job of NOT making that the focus of the violent scenes. Humor abounds throughout the movie, too. It's just an awesome movie and I hope you reconsider and take your sister to see it.

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Glad I could help!

    • profile image

      Samantha Pawelek 5 years ago

      Wow, you give out such good information. I was thinking about taking my sister to see this movie, but now I know exactly what the movie is about, so I changed my mind. Going to rent a movie instead! LOL :)

      Can't wait to see what you write about next!

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      This is a superhero movie. As a result, there will be some sort of violence. Superheroes do not stroll across rainbows, they fight bad guys. Bad guys must do something to prove they are bad. Usually, that means they hurt others in some way. It's a pretty simple concept.

      Anyone who brings their child into a superhero movie not expecting to expose their child to some sort of violence is, well, not exactly being a responsible parent.

      Please, parents, be responsible and watch the commercials for movies on TV or YouTube before taking your child to a movie. They will give you a pretty clear indication of whether or not there is any violence in the movie. Also, read reviews, like this one. I clearly mentioned the violence, as well as the PG-13 rating. If you can't do that, apologize to your child for putting their hopes up and wasting your time and money. Don't call others "messed up" because you did not take the time to research what was appropriate for your child.

      Many programs children are exposed to on television contain violence, and sure, it's mostly cartoon violence. In fact, there is an Avengers cartoon, as well as an Iron Man cartoon. I'm sure a good number of the children in the theater with me had seen those cartoons and were prepared for the violence they were about to see on the big screen. Let's put it this way: I did not hear a single child cry or scream, and there were plenty of children in the packed theater.

      As a comparison, I did not/would not have taken my children to see Batman Begins or The Dark Knight because I researched and saw it was too much. They still have not seen these movies, and they will not see The Dark Knight Rises in July. Also, when we saw Harry Potter last summer, since I had read the book (aka research), I knew which scenes I did not think my child was ready to see, and we took a "potty break" for those scenes.

      Thank you for reading, and I hope next time you read before you take your child to a movie so you do not make the same mistake again.

    • profile image

      chils 5 years ago

      Definately not child friendly. I went to watch it with my 9 year old daughter and we walked out after 5 minutes!!! Why would a parent want to expose their children to violence??? No wonder this world is messed up!!!

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks, rahul0324!

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      Nice review here! I think the movie was kid friendly and Hulk indeed was lovable!

      Up and shared!

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      AKOrganic, you obviously didn't stay long enough to see that woman was using the stereotype that women are weak against these men (as she does later in the film) to get what she wanted before showing them she could, in fact, kick all their butts with her hands tied behind her back. Call me a feminist, but I think that is a great role model for children, especially girls. I like that she teaches my sons that women are intelligent and tough and that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

      Plus, as I said in the review, if your child is used to watching superhero movies and television programs, they should be able to handle this movie. The violence was not graphic-- sure, people were getting killed, but there wasn't blood splattered all over the place. This is normal violence levels for a superhero production. If your child is not used to seeing this, no, she should not have gone to this movie.

      Whatever you do, DO NOT take her to see The Dark Knight Rises when that comes out in July. I guarantee you that will have graphic violence and will not be appropriate for children.

    • profile image

      AKOrganic 5 years ago

      This movie is not appropriate for little kids. I took my daughter to see it and we walked out in the first few minutes. After some intense fighting, people dying, and some really cool looking possession scenes. (electric blue traveling through the veins, eyes completely black)

      The next scene opens with a woman being punched in the face! Call me old fashioned but I Do Not think any any of that was appropriate for a young child.

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks, rabbit75! That means a lot knowing your knowledge on the subject.

      (On appropriate comics-- there have been a few times I've changed the words or simplified the words when reading a comic book aloud to my kids... my husband and I also flip through the books for the kids before buying to make sure the images are appropriate. Fortunately, they aren't hooked on one story yet, so we can do this without drama...)

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this hub, and thought it was very useful. I liked the part about your son jumped in your arms when a hero was about to stomped by the Hulk, but then was cheering the Hulk on when he started squashing bad guys lol.

      I'm glad you and your family were able to enjoy this movie, and I'm also glad your boys are huge fans of the comic books. It's so strange walking into a comic shop nowadays as opposed to when I was a kid.

      When I was a kid venturing into the comic shop, there were always more kids than adults. Actually, back then, most of the adults were parents of kids who were often dragged in there by their kids (Thanks, dad, you are the coolest for indulging me when I was a wee lad.)

      Now, there's more adults than kids. Well, that's if you count the adults as just big kids themselves...I know I am. Now, many of the Marvel and DC comics that are appropriate for kids to read are too expensive...being from the 80s and older. I think that's sad.

      Anyways, great hub and voted up and awesome and shared!

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks, Vampsdes! Glad I could help, even if it was a little late... maybe the theaters won't be as packed this weekend... maybe...

    • Vampsdes profile image

      Vampsdes 5 years ago from Missouri, US

      Great idea to center your review around being kid friendly. We were going to go watch the movie last weekend, but due to having several kids with our group we decided not to just in case. Really wish I had read this review yesterday, but I guess now we know. Thanks! Voted up!

    • cornerkick99 profile image

      cornerkick99 5 years ago from Magnolia, AR

      Thanks for the extra info, Samantha. My son is the same way about the Avengers, Marvel, and DC. Anything and everything! I'm sure my boy will recognize the surprise, too, as I'm not as up on it all as he is. I may need to do some studying on my own before going to see it so I can "sound" like I know what I'm talking about. LOL

    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Yes, he should! My boys are also huge fans of the comic books, cartoons, anything with a Marvel or DC stamp on it. In fact, they knew exactly who one surprise was, while I thought it was someone else at first from my inferior knowledge of the comic world.

      FYI- we did not upgrade to 3D or IMAX... in the past, the boys (we also have an eight-year-old) haven't liked wearing the glasses the entire time, and the effects didn't add enough to the film to make it worth the extra cost. We also went to the earliest showing of the day so that in case they are disruptive, there are hopefully less people to upset. (Of course, our theater was packed, but I'd say it was 60/40 families with children, so we weren't the only ones with that idea to take the kids early.)

    • cornerkick99 profile image

      cornerkick99 5 years ago from Magnolia, AR

      Thanks for the comments. I've been asking friends all weekend if it's kid-friendly as I'd like to take my seven-year old to go see it. Sounds like he will enjoy it, without being scarred for life. He is an avid Avengers fan and receives the comic book every month, so this should be the highlight of the summer for him.