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The Bachelor - List of all the Winners

Updated on February 1, 2014

As the clock is ticking the new season of The Bachelor is about to begin and I know how much everyone is excited about it, and can't wait for the new exciting season. I thought it would be interesting to write an article with all the previous Bachelor winners.

The Bachelor-The show

The Bachelor is a TV reality show airing on ABC. It first aired in 2002, it's host has been Chris Harrison since it's creation. There are two other reality TV series affiliated with the Bachelor: The Bachelorette and The Bachelor Pad.

What is the show about?

The show is about a single guy who is put with a pool of usually around 20 to 30 different women and throughout the show the bachelor goes on romantic dates, trips with each of the women and each week he has to eliminate a certain number of women, until he finds the love of his life and in most cases there is a proposal that follows. There has been 17 seasons so far. This edition will be the 18th season and it will begin on January 5th 2014.


Season 1- Amanda Marsh

The first season if the Bachelor began in March of 2002. The Bachelor of the first season was Alex Michael and the winner was Amanda Marsh. Alex Michael didn't propose to Amanda, but they ended up dating for a few months and eventually a few months after the show. Ended they ended up separating. Amanda Marsh ended up marrying her childhood friend Jay Caldwell.


Season 2- Helene Eksterowitz

The second season of the bachelor was featured later in the same year as the first season but it was later in September of 2002. The bachelor was Aaron Buerge and the winner was Helene Ekstrrowitz. Aaron ended up bro posing to Helene but they ended up breaking up. Aaron got married in 2009 to Angye McIntosh, Eksterowitz also got married the same year to a senior technology consultant Andrew Goodman.


Season 3- Jen Schefft

In 2003 the third season of the Bachelor was renewed, the bachelor was Andrew Firestone and the winner was Jen Schefft. Another proposal happened only in the third season of the Bachelor,but unfortunately the couple separated a few months later, but decided to stay close friends. Firestone is now married to TV actress Ivana Bozilovic. Jen Schefft is now married to Chicago public relations executive Joe Waterman. They have two children one born in 2010 anod one in 2012.


Season 4- Estella Gardinier

Later on in 2003 the fourth season of the bachelor was aired with a bachelor Bob Guiney. The winner was Estella Gardinier. There was no proposal from Bob, but he did give a promise ring to Estella. A few weeks after the show was finished the couple ended up separating. Guiniey ended up marrying soap opera star Rebecca Budig, but they ended up splitting up after five years of marriage.


Season 5- Jessica Bowlin

The fifth season was aired in early 2004. The bachelor was Jessie Palmer, and the winner was Jessica Bowlin. There was no proposal between the two, but they dated for a while after the show ended, but eventually ended up breaking up.


Season 6- Mary Delgado

Later in 2004 the sixth season started and the pro bass fisherman Byron Velvick was the bachelor. The winner was Mary Delgado. The couple ended up engaging to each other, but after five years being together they ended up separating in 2009.


Season 7- Sarah Brice

In the seventh and only one season in 2005 the actor Charlie O'Connor was the bachelor. The winner of this season was Sarah Brice. The couple never got engaged,but they started dating. They ended up breaking up two years later in 2007. They got back together later in 2008, but officially broke up in 2010.


Season 8- Sarah Stone

The eight season was aired in January of 2006. The bachelor was the medical doctor Travis Stork. The winner of the eight season was Sarah Stone. The couple never got a gaged, but started dating each other. After a few months after the show ended they also broke up. Travis Stork is now featured in the TV show " The Doctors". And is married to Charlotte Brown.


Season 9- Jennifer Wilson

In the second season of 2006 and ninth overall the bachelor was Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who was cosmetics entrepreneur. The winner of the Bachelors ninth season was Jennifer Wilson. The couple entered in a relationship,but it never escalated and they ended up breaking up just 3 months later.


Season 10- Tessa Horst

In the tenth season the bachelor was the US Naval officer Andrew Baldwin. The winner was Tessa Horst. The couple got engaged one month after the show ended, but they ended up calling of their wedding and separating only three months later.

Season 11- None

The eleventh season was probably one of the most interesting of the Bachelor. The bachelor a Bar owner Brad Womack selected two finalist Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas,but they were both rejected in the season finale so the show never got an actual winner.


Season 12- Shayne Lamas

In the twelfth season in 2008 the bachelor was a global financier Matt Grant. The winner was Shayne Lamas. Grant officially got engaged to Lamas but ended up breaking up with Lamas just four months later. We are still looking for our first couple to actually get married from the show.


Season 13- Melissa Rycroft

The thirteenth and most controversial season of the bachelor. The account executive and single father Jason Mesnick was the bachelor. The winner was Melissa Rycroft. The couple got engaged,but Mesnick called of the engagement in the season finale and started a relationship with the runner- up Molly Malaney. Rycroft is now married and has one child.


Season 14- Vienna Girardi

In the fourteenth season of the Bachelor Famous actor and commercial face Jake Pavelka was the Bachelor. The winner was Vienna Girardi. Sadly they finished their relationship a few months after the show was over. Girardi was later featured in the TV series Dancing with the Stars.


Season 15- Emily Maynard

In 2011, the fifteenth season of the Bachelor aired. The bachelor was Brad Womack. The winner was Emily Maynard. Brad proposed to Emily. During the season both broke up, but eventually got back together before the end of the season.The officially separated in 2012, but are still friends.


Season 16- Courtney Robertson

In the sixteenth season of the Bachelor, the bachelor was Ben Flajnik. The winner was Courtney Robertson. The couple broke up just three weeks after the show ended, but later the same year they were broke up for good.


Season 17- Catherine Giudici

The latest Bachelor just aired in January 2013 and the Bachelor was Sean Lowe. The winner was Catherine Guidici. They are the only couple that we are aware of that are still engaged and are actually planning to get married and start their own family. Sean was recently featured in the TV series Dancing with the Stars and finished in fourth place.


Season 18- ???

The eighteenth season of the Bachelor just started off on ABC and the Bachelor is Juan Pablo Galavis. Who will win his heart we are just about to find it. Juan Pablo recently played in the last season of the Bachelorette.


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