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The Bachelor's Rozlyn: Guilty or Innocent?

Updated on March 15, 2010

Rozlyn-Silly Skank or Victim of Bad Publicity?

There was some pretty damaging evidence revealed on The Women Tell All episode supporting the rumored inappropriate relationship between Rozlyn and the “staffer,” Ryan Callahan.  Good ol’ Roz stuck to her story that ABC used her for publicity for the show.  Someone had to be the fall guy, why not pick the prettiest model in all the land?

Almost all the girls claimed to have witnessed Rozlyn making out, making passes, and cuddling with the producer.  Gia kicked off the accusations by claiming that Rozlyn never slept in her own bed.  I really needed someone to bust out a diagram of who slept where because later, Valisha claimed to be Roz’s roommate and didn’t back up Gia’s accounts fully.  That one could go either way. 

Rozlyn was also accused of grabbing dude’s thigh and making everyone so uncomfortable that they cleared the room.  Are we really that upset over a thigh grab?  I’m not saying it’s appropriate behavior, but it’s not enough to kick anyone off the show.  Another mild accusation was the frequent forehead kissing, which is like 3rd base in Nanny Elizabeth world.  I guess it depends on whose standards you’re going by, but none of this behavior sounded very ladylike.

Jessie, who was barely on the show and had nothing to lose or gain, had the most damming information.  She allegedly caught Rozlyn in a face-to-face lap straddle on the stairs with Senor Callahan.  Now that is what I call an inappropriate sexual affair!  Roz, of course, denied, denied, denied. 

Rozlyn vs. Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison began his personal showdown with Rozlyn with a half-apology.  He wanted to wrestle through the interview like adults and not in a spitting war in the media.  He didn’t exactly hug her and tell her everything’s gonna be ok, but he wanted to be mature about it all.  However, he started all of his questions with what could be considered undercutting clauses like, “in your mind” or “according to you.”  What a great journalist!  He got her side of the story by basically discrediting her before she even got to answer.  Maybe he was a lawyer in a past life. 

According to Rozlyn, she was only involved with Ryan because he let her borrow his phone to call her son.  She was allegedly told she was not allowed to call the little boy if there wasn’t a camera crew there to film her conversations.  I found this interesting for several reasons (mostly to be addressed later), but especially since they rarely air mother-child phone conversations during episodes anyway.  Rozlyn’s point was she developed a friendship with the producer because he was sympathetic to her situation and tried to help her out.  That sounds worthy of a thigh grab now and then.

 The armistice between Roz and Chris lasted about 2 ½ seconds.  She was so condescending to Chris, but he served it back to her.  Chris compared her to his son who makes up magical stories about unicorns to avoid telling an uncomfortable truth.  Then, he unleashed the other ladies on her.    

At this point, Rozlyn had poo flying at her from a million directions.  She dealt with the situation by lashing out at Ella for saying something about a “fried uterus”—that’s a story I’d like to hear, it sounds hilarious. Bonus footage anyone?   Rozlyn didn’t understand why the ladiez were attacking her with these “false” accusations when she never said anything bad about them.  Maybe that’s because they weren’t skanking it up with the only other man allowed near them besides Jake and Chris Harrison, so what was there to say? 

Rozlyn apparently had one ally in the house, Valisha.  Unfortunately, she had her own story to tell about waking up in the middle of the night to find Rozlyn’s bed empty.  Valisha’s voice was cracking and obviously felt guilty for throwing her “friend” under the bus.  I don’t see why Valisha would lie about that, since she actually likes Rozlyn.  After the Tell All, Valisha retracted her story and blamed “peer pressure.”  Are they in high school?

Rozlyn turned her fury back to Chris when he asked a question and didn’t give her ample time to respond.  Roz questioned where the footage of this alleged affair was.  Apparently, in the contract the bachelorettes signed, the show can put cameras anywhere they want to in the house.   While it is an interesting point about the missing footage, cameras are not running 24/7 on any reality show (maybe Big Brother?).  That would be an editor’s nightmare.  He was also a night producer, so he knew if and when the cameras would even be taping.  That’s a pretty avoidable mistake to get yourself caught on tape like an episode of Cheaters

Gia jumped to the defense of The Bachelor franchise, arguing that Rozlyn didn’t need to bash the show that gave her 15 minutes of “fame.”  Gia said Roz should have admitted she was in love with the producer and left the show of her own free will.  It would have saved everybody a lot of time and magazine ink.  That is, of course, if she really was participating in an affair with homeboy.

 The real low point of the conversation was when Rozlyn, cleverly in her mind, accused Chris Harrison of hitting on Ryan Callahan’s wife in New Zealand.  Chris wouldn’t “dignify that with a response.”  This was an interesting move, especially if she’s actually dating Ryan.  Does his wife know about their quality time on the stairs or the “innocent” forehead kissing?  Rozlyn thought she had Chris in a corner, but she ended up looking like an even bigger dingbat. 

The confrontation ended with Chris wishing Rozlyn all the best, and hoping she learns something from this whole ordeal.  She, of course, rolled her eyes.

In Conclusion

The holes in Rozlyn’s story made the whole thing a little suspicious (even though I think The Bachelor producers are geniuses if they concocted this whole ordeal for publicity—it worked).  Out of one side of her mouth, Roz said she couldn’t call her son because there were no cameras around.  Out of the other side, she said she was being filmed 24/7 and wanted to see recorded proof of this alleged affair.  How does that work?  Why would they need a camera crew to film her phone conversations if there were cameras fixed all around the house that were always running?  Either she’s being filmed all day every day, or a crew comes in and physically runs cameras.  Can’t have it both ways, sweetie.

In the end, Rozlyn wasn’t really too upset—no matter what kind of a front she tried to put on.  As many have before her, she probably just went on the show to see herself on TV.  She got all that and more.


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    • Megavitamin profile image

      Megavitamin 7 years ago

      I get the most enjoyment out of these shows by pointing out the women's ridiculous behavior! The Bachelor is how I got into any sort of online writing. I used to watch episodes and then email my sisters about the dumb stuff people did and said. They forwarded to their friends, and it's grown from there.

      Thanks for checking in! Always a pleasure to read your comments :0)

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Wow, there's a whole lotta bitching going on there! When I got to the bit about fried Uterus, I asked myself, "What the heck?" Okay, that's pretty weird! I have seen some of these shows and not all of them. Judging by the number of hubs yoou have dedicated to this show on TV, methinks you are a wee bit of a fan! LOL! Great hub!