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The Beatles Next Album

Updated on June 17, 2014

Instant Karma!

The Beatles next album

It's tough to figure what songs would have been on the next Beatles album had they stayed together. The reason is because they would have each been in a different situation so who knows if they would have written the same songs they actually wrote. As a group, Paul would bring his songs to John and John would make any necessary suggestions and vice versa.

I wonder if George presented My Sweet Lord to the group if someone would have mentioned that it sounded an awful lot like He's So Fine.

Well I am going to work with what we have and see what happens. We know that in the later years Ringo was getting one song per album, George was usually getting two songs and the rest were John and Paul. We also know that most albums contained 12-14 songs.

Most people would say it is easy to figure out Ringo's song but I disagree. Ringo's biggest hit in 1970 was Beaucoups of Blues. There is no doubt that would have been his contribution except Ringo didn't write it. I have a feeling that John or Paul would have written a song for Ringo instead of him selecting a song written by someone else. Since we don't have the luxury of knowing what John or Paul would have written, we will go with Beaucoups of Blues for Ringo.

Beatles songs from 1970

George would have had two songs. This is kind of tough because George released a great double album in 1970 with All Things Must Pass. I am going with the theory that someone would have stepped up and kept My Sweet Lord off the album due to the similarity to He's So Fine. In my humble opinion, the next two best songs from George's album were What is Life? and Isn't It A Pity? so I will go with those two songs for George.

That leaves 9-11 songs for John and Paul. This becomes difficult because Paul didn't write many quality songs in 1970. In fact I am going to suggest that John and Paul only contribute a total of eight songs to the album. Paul has two that I will include. Junk and in my opinion, what should have been released as the first single Maybe I'm Amazed.

John would have six songs in my opinion. Mother, Cold Turkey, Love, God, Working Class Hero and, in my opinion, the second single, Instant Karma.

So far in my scenario, The Beatles have an eleven song album. I am going to add one last song and I am going to break the tradition of two George Harrison songs simply because Paul didn't write many good songs in 1970. The final song is Wah-Wah.

As I stated at the beginning of the article, this is tough to do because each Beatle would have been in a different situation. I am sure Paul would have contributed more than two songs and Ringo's Beaucoups of Blues would not have been on the album, but we work with what we have. Following is the list of songs I have compiled in no particular order.

Maybe I'm Amazed


Beaucoups of Blues


Working Class Hero

Cold Turkey



Instant Karma

What is Life?

Isn't it a Pity?



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    • Art West profile image

      Art West 3 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks lions44.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Love the speculation. I've always wondered myself. Definitely more George songs. But overall, I think it would have been a more "fun" album. Coming out of a gloomy 1969 and '70, they would have been ready for a change. Voted up.