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The Beautiful Ass and Mind of Dita von Teese

Updated on October 13, 2009

Unless you're a big fan of burlesque or fetish photography, then there is a high likelihood that you never heard of Dita Von Teese until she dated and married ultra creepy rock god, Marilyn Manson. Perhaps you still haven't heard of her, in which case, boy are you in for a treat. This lovely lady has been titillating lurkers and gawkers alike since she started stripping at the tender age of 19. From there she moved into fetish modeling and hence into the glamorous world of burlesque.

To cover the basic Dita stats:

Born: September 28 1972

Place of Birth: Rochester, Michigan

Childhood dream: Ballerina

Favorite Pet: Dachshund, Devon Rex

All of this is very sterile however, and I don't know about you, but when a beautiful woman dons fetish wear and then takes it all off to bathe in a crystal bath of champagne, well, I want to know more about her. What she thinks about things, for instance, what would her take on amateur pornography be?

Here's the answer: "Amateur pornography is a great thing. You can find something for everyone on the Internet. As long as no one's hurting anyone or involving children, then hey, what's wrong with that? People love watching people having sex. I'm no different."

Dita Von Teese - Questions and Answers

Does she only like the kinky guys?

You don't have to be kinky to please her, however, as Dita revealed to the London Observer: "I like vanilla sex as much as the next girl. Sometimes when I date men, they feel they have to put on a show. I'm like: 'Stop trying so hard to impress me with your sexual perversions.' "

Can I get a piece of her?

Well not a piece of Dita per se, but if you're a fortunate fan, then you might even be able to obtain some of those lovely stockings. Dita saves her used stockings and sells them to fans for whatever purpose they see fit: "I wear stockings every day so I thought it was the perfect thing to offer as a souvenir. I wear them until they have a run in them and then they go on the 'for sale' pile."

What does Dita Drink?

And what does the lovely Dita drink/pimp on behalf of liquor companies? Well Cointreau of course: "For me, Cointreau is a quintessentially French brand, a product which transcends fashions and trends. I love its delicate taste contrasting with its strong personality. It is true that we were made to join forces around a cocktail glass!"

Dita's Love Life- What happened there?

Of course, for a great many people, much of the focus on Dita surrounded her marriage to Marilyn Manson. What was he like to be married to? Well, in case you can't get a glimmer of an idea from their woefully short marriage (they were married for one year, albeit part of a 7 year relationship), here's a few hints from the mouth of the horse that spoke them, so to speak. Dita has gone on the record as saying that living with Marilyn Manson was a lot like living with an overgrown child:

"I had all the faith in the world in our relationship for the seven years we were together. I loved him very much, and completely believed it would be forever... Everything went downhill after we got married. I started working a lot to escape my home life. It was difficult, because I was trying to get him help for his problems, and eventually I realized that he didn't want help. I wasn't supportive about his partying or his relationship with another girl, and as much as I loved him I wasn't going to be part of that."

A sad ending, as Manson had taken up with the 19 year old Evan Rachel Wood, who then set about transplanting herself as a somewhat creepy mini version of Dita.

Still, Dita continues on, strong, sexy, and utterly desirable. Few women become empowered by working in a sexual industry, but Dita demonstrates that a lady can take her clothes off, be an object of desire, and still be intelligent, articulate, and not completely whacked off her face on multiple drug cocktails. (Although to be fair, if she had run around whacked off her face on drug cocktails and stripped in public places like a few other 'celebrities' we know of, she might be a little more famous.)


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    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Wow, she is sexy and this is a great hub. :)

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      hglick 8 years ago from Ronkonkoma, NY

      Dita is definitely One of my faves!!

    • jespat83 profile image

      jespat83 8 years ago from New London

      Great hub, thanks! Love her!

    • adventure profile image

      adventure 9 years ago from U.S.A.

      Very sexy

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      ali 9 years ago