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The Best Of Country Music From 2018 To 2019

Updated on July 16, 2019
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.

And I gotta give props to the radio;

'Cause if you know me, I was raised on country.

— 'Raised On Country'

Country Songs In The World Today

Country music is undoubtedly controversial. Many people even hate it. But, it has persevered. We love country music. We grew up with it, we drive the car listening to it, and it strikes close to home in her lyrics. People love it in the north (Pennsylvania comes to mind), and people love it in the south. In recent years, we've even seen it make a few children with rap and rock and roll.

'One That Got Away'

One That Got Away

'One That Got Away' is a great place to start. 2018 was a wonderful year for music, and this is a prime example of that. I never get bored listening to this one, and I get so excited when it jumps on the radio. Michael Ray brings this song to life; however, I am also in love with the lyrics.

Whiskey Glasses

Old Town Road

This one is a little bit different, but not bad. In fact, it's amazing. 'Old Town Road' has quickly risen and bridged a major divide between two genres. Rap, like country, is often considered very controversial. Rap and country are the underdogs of music, so it seems natural that they would come together. The song was released in late 2018. The remixes were released in 2019. I've listened to it more times that I remember. It is something of a beautiful new memory to take with me.


Make It Sweet

I love 'Make It Sweet' so much. The lyrics are adorable and relatable to the lover in us. She is another song who was originally released in 2018. The words over the music are some of the best in these last two years in the world of country music.

Make It Sweet

She'll leave a scar and a story to tell.

— 'One That Got Away'

Whiskey Glasses

I've been sober since 2014. Still, I remember hitting the bottle. And, I hit her hard. Even if one hasn't ever touched a shot of whiskey or vodka, we can relate to 'Whiskey Glasses' if we've been through a rough time with a woman. Or, a man for that matter (in certain situations at least). I also enjoy the voice of the singer. The product of his vocal cords is amazing. The song was released in 2018.

'Old Town Road' Billy Ray Cyrus Remix

God's Country

I have a lot of family down in Georgia. Not the country, but the state. Believe me; people actually do ask. Anyway, that's just one reason that I love this song. It is absolutely epic. Anyone who lives in a small town and/or has a love for her/his Creator can appreciate this piece of music. Obviously this is a country song, but it also has a place amidst the great Christian songs. I recommend 'God's Country' to anyone who is reading this article. This song is one of the relatively newer artistic creations in this list.

Raised On Country

Raised On Country

'Raised On Country' sums this list up perfectly. For me, it's home in a mental and in an emotional way. This song is perfect for people who grew up on and in this genre. I was exposed to various environments when I was a kid, but the country certainly had an impact on me. It was released in the very early portion of 2019.

God's Country

Best Country Songs

I can't and won't promise that these songs are the best for everyone. I certainly believe deserve to be recognized. They are already loved by so many. I take no issue paying homage to such fantastic music. These songs are worth listening to over and over again. They are my favorites on these recent years. 2018 and 2019 may not be the very best years in all of country music history, but they were awesome nonetheless. The genre and its' music deserve much more love and respect than it gets. Maybe my contributions will help in a small way. It is my hope that more people in the world have a little bit of country in their minds and in their hearts. One has to first listen to it to understand it.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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