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Top 5 TV series you should watch

Updated on September 1, 2014
Tv Series
Tv Series | Source

Lets take a look at what I believe are the Top 5 TV series over the last couple of years.

Each of these TV series will have you on the edge of your seat and will always leave you wanting more. I can not count the number of times I have said "Just one more episode" to find myself having finished an entire season in one sitting.

There is nothing better then a lazy Sunday curled up on the coach with your significant other, enjoying take out and watching your favorite TV series.


Dexter Morgan is leading a double life, serial killer by night and Blood Splatter expert for Miami Metro Homicide, by day

From a young age Dexter had a strange fascination with death and dissection. Knowing what he would become, Dexter's father teaches him "the Code". The Code is a series of guidelines to live by to help him fit in with mainstream society and ensure that is not caught.

It is harder to live by the Code when Dexter finds himself investigating the murders of his own victims alongside talented Homicide Detective Debra Morgan (Dexter's Sister).

There are seven complete seasons of Dexter with season eight (the final season) airing right now on Sunday evenings.

Breaking Bad

When High School Chemistry teacher Walter (Walt) White is diagnosed with terminal cancer he reunites with ex-student (Jesse) to manufacture and distribute the most pure crystal Methamphetamine on the market.

Not only is Walt trying to keep his new life secret from his family and his drug addicted partner (Jesse) under control, Walt has to handle the Mexican Cartel and keep the DEA from finding out his identity.

All of this to provide financial security for his wife and children after he passes away.

There are currently four complete seasons of the Breaking Bad TV series and the second half fifth and final season is being aired on Sunday evenings. What an epic fifth and final season it is so far.

Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy is an amazing story of an outlaw Motorcycle club, in a small country town of Charming, California.

President of the Sons of Anarchy, Clay Morrow, is unsure how much longer he has left as head of the club and will do anything to keep his power, even to the detriment of the club.

Vice president of the Sons, Jackson (Jax) Teller, begins to question Clay's motives, and is torn between doing what is right for his family and his club, which his late father John Teller co-founded.

Gang warfare, bribery, corruption and love are just a few of the themes in this TV series that make The Sons of Anarchy a must see.

With five complete seasons and the 6th due to premiere in Fall of 2013, you have quite a lot to catch up on if you haven't started the series already.

American Horror Story

Psychiatrist Ben Harmon and his family (wife Vivien and daughter Violet) move from Boston to Los Angeles for a fresh start, after Ben is caught having an affair with one of his students.

Little do the Harmon's know but their new home is haunted by its previous owners, who come and go as they please. Strange and disturbing things begin to happen and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between the dead from the living.

Keeping his family together seems almost impossible with his infidelity hanging over his head let alone living in a haunted mansion.

The second Amercian Horror Story season is based on an insane asylum. They brought back some of the same actors as different characters which was different, however, I wasn't very impressed with this the second season.

The Misfits

Five complete strangers' lives are changed forever when they are struck by lightening during a freak storm, on their first day of community service together.

Strange things begin to happen as each character realizes that they have these odd new abilities and that the world around them isn't the same.

Brought together by this life changing experience they form a close friendship and do what it takes to survive and protect each other.

Each character is special in their own way and you will love them all.

TV Series The Misfits has four complete seasons with the fifth and final season due to air fall of 2013 (in the UK).

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    • profile image

      carieg 5 years ago

      Thank you ytsenoh, do you know when the next season will air by any chance?

    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      Interesting hub. I would say the American Horror Story tops many shows. Thanks.

    • profile image

      carieg 5 years ago

      Hey wkhigley, I haven't started on Game of Thrones yet.. it is on my list of series to check out though. Firefly didn't really do it for me. Maybe I will give it another go. Thanks for the comment :)

    • wkhigley profile image

      wkhigley 5 years ago

      No Game of Thrones? That has to be one of the best shows I've seen long time, probably the best since Firefly.