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The Best Shows on Television! 2010 (Scripted Shows)

Updated on May 21, 2010

Whats your favorite TV Show of 2010? (or at least your favorite out of these 6)

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Big Bang Theory- Monday 9:30pm CBS

This show came on the air about 2 years ago and is quickly gaining a large fan base. Most of their success has resulted from mouth to mouth advertising from die hard fans. That's how I first learned about the show. The show started out about two egghead guys who are scientifically brilliant but backwards when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex they learn a little bit more about real life from their sexy, newly single neighbor. Now in season 3 the story has evolved with more hilarious and outrageouscharacters and a romance between an unlikely pairing. This show is hysterical, VERY well cast. Every one of the characters delivers their lines with maximum effectiveness. The writers are top notch as the one-liners week after week usually have us in stitches. I would rate this as one of the top 3 comedies on television right now. The writing and acting in this comedy is nothing short of brilliant, watch 3 episodes and you will be hooked!

GLEE- Tuesday 9pm FOX

Ever since I saw the first episode in May of 2009, I was hooked. From the interesting characters to the amazing musical numbers, there is nothing in my mind that you can hate about Glee. Besides the fact that the actors and actresses look nothing like high school students, the acting is good and the music is even better.
They plot may be a little corny, but it is captivating and hooks you on and doesn't let go. It takes you on a journey with this group of misfits and has side stories along the way. Also you really can't turn your back on a show whose fans created their own catchphrase for themselves "Gleeks"!

Fringe -Thursday 9pm FOX

Now the plot is pretty basic "a female FBI agent seeks out a brilliant but unstable & institutionalized scientist and his estranged son to investigate wide-sweeping paranormal phenomena."

Fringe is slowly gaining more momentum and it already has a strong cult fan base. I like to think of this show as the new X-files. Its all about the paranormal and the things the government is keeping a secret from all of us which is investigated by the FBI division they call the Fringe Division. Fringe is a clever, well-written show that has both mystery and action, drama and horror, and everything one would want from a mysterious show like this one. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, as is the storytelling with every aspect of the episode (ie. camera angles, sound, characters). A must see for any Sci-Fi Lover!

South Park- Wednesday 10pm Comedy Central

South Park has been on the air for over 14 seasons and I think it still possess that refreshing quality you rarely get to watch. They usually are saying what we all have wanted to and still manage to evenly make fun of all of us at the same time. The show exposes our ignorance and how stupid people can be when it comes to dealing with our differences. That being said it's just an extremely funny show,A guilty pleasure I personally cant stop watching.
One of the things i enjoy about the show is most often there is a moral or point by the end of the show. Like in real life if you just wait a minute and listen you may learn something!
and laugh your @$$ off as well. For anyone who has watched it from season one there are many recurring jokes that one would only understand from seeing previous episodes but that'swhat made me want to go back and watch all the episodes in the first place since I started at Season 5.  Now a die hard fan I can say this show is not only hilarious but informative as well! Brilliant!

Weeds- Monday 10pm Showtime

For anyone who has never seen the show the season 1 plot is about "a widowed suburban mother determinedly keeping up appearances in her idyllic community, whose residents remain oblivious to the fact that she's the source of the high-quality marijuana that's suddenly flooded the neighborhood".....The shows now going into its 6th season and the plot continues to thicken with its leading lady constantly digging herself ino bigger holes and her family trying to create the perfect life which never seeme to quite take shape.

I Love this show and everything you've ever thought about drugs, sex, community, and family is exploited for your viewing pleasure. From this series extreme high's to it's extreme lows it all comes back to surviving as a family and a cannabis coniseur. So get your munchies ready and watch every Wednesday.

The Office- Thursday 9pm NBC

"An American remake of the hit British mockumentary series of the same name, set in the workplace of a paper company, following the daily follies of an odd group of employees and their clueless boss."

This is one of the best shows on TV. I make a point to watch it every week! I even own the series on DVD and I can tell you even after watching them at least a dozen times they never get old! I am a sales person myself and I wish my office was as fun as theirs! Each person in the Office has their own unique and hilarious qualities and Steve Carell is truly brilliant.

The Tudors- Sunday 9pm Showtime

"A look at the Tudor dynasty in British royalty, focusing on a young King Henry VIII."

For once a historical drama that has ticked all the boxes. Its a sumptious telling of the Henry VIII story with decently accurate details and costumes. This show has all the great things that a show needs to be truly memorable. A great cast, beautiful scenery, and a character that we can believe in. Yes, there are some truly terrible historical inaccuracies in the telling of the tale but what book or story is ever truly done 100% right in the movie or tv version? This is rich in history and colorful characters. If it gets even one person interested in history enough to check out the info online or in books, then it has succeeded.

Modern Family- Wednesday ABC

 This new comedy about a Dutch filmmaker who records the lives of three families, including one he stayed with as an exchange student. In one household, the dad works and the mom stays at home with their kids; in another, a gay couple experiences first-time fatherhood with the Vietnamese child they just adopted; and in the third home a 60-year old man becomes an instant father when he marries a thirtysomething Latina mother. Shot documentary-style.

One of the best new comedy's on television. Everyone can relate to one of the characters and its a show that relates to people of all ages. I have a feeling this show is going to have a very long and happy run on ABC

Some Shows that didn't quite make it on my Favorites List but still for sure Worth Mentioning

Greys Anatomy- Thursdays 9pm ABC
Greys Anatomy- Thursdays 9pm ABC
30ROCK - Mondays CBS
30ROCK - Mondays CBS
Desperate Houswives- Sundays 9pm ABC
Desperate Houswives- Sundays 9pm ABC
How I Met Your Mother- Mondays CBS
How I Met Your Mother- Mondays CBS


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You should totally check out Sons Of Anarchy.

      This show is so addicting, and absolutly amazing!

      Im hooked.

    • Shadesbreath profile image


      8 years ago from California

      The Ricky Gervais version of the Office is also excellent, and in a different way than the American version. I'm with you on South Park too. I'm going to have to check out Big Bang, that has promise the way you write it. Tudors sounds amazing, but I don't have showtime, so, that's gonna be a season by season Netflix thing. I LOVE historical drama stuff. I'm still working my way towards watching Rome season by season. The Glee thing, I don't know why but that show just does not work for me at all. I guess I'm the one person on the planet that is annoyed by that show. (sigh). It's kinda like being the one person in the room who doesn't get the joke. You figure there must be something there or everyone wouldn't be laughing, but danged if I can figure it out.

    • tdanielle55 profile image


      8 years ago

      I hope the office doesnt end, I just started watching it last season thanks to reruns on tbs

    • BrennaR profile image


      8 years ago

      bing bang theory by far my favorite

    • Glimmer515 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Never Never Land

      Its not confirmed hes leaving yet but I heard he is probably only doing on more season, but I have a feeling the office will not last without its lead character :(

    • Gemineye profile image


      8 years ago

      The Office - hilarious! I am concerned at how they do when Carell leave snext season (I think)

    • daisyjae profile image


      8 years ago from Canada

      Nice hub!

      I like the office and big bang theory, haven't seen any of the others.


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