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The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time (July 2012) with commentary - New Trance Music Blog

Updated on August 12, 2012

My top ten trance music songs and tunes of July 2012

Still, I am sorry for the delay. I was away for the whole month. But here I am back with fresh trance tunes! This month is coined by many hard trance tunes, but there are also some other styles like greek trance and vocal trance. I hope you enjoy my top ten trance music songs and tunes playlist of the month July 2012 and leave a comment and a rating if you liked it at the bottom of this trance blog! Oh, and don't forget to share it if you liked it ;).

10. Talla 2XLC vs. Carl B feat Katie Marne - Giving up giving in (Sean tyas mix)[VOCAL TRANCE]

Talla 2XLC vs. Carl B feat Katie Marne - Giving up giving in (Sean tyas mix)[VOCAL TRANCE]

We start with a beautiful and relaxing vocal trance song. It has a beautfil voice, a pretty woman, a dreamy melody and a calming but yet euphoric part in the middle of the vocal trance song. Should you be stressed, then just have a listen to this wonderful, calm song. Just perfect.

9. DeepForces - First Strike

DeepForces - First Strike

We leave the sentimental path and go hard trance. And with whom could we do this better than with Deepforces?!
It has massive beats starting at 0:30 and is the perfect hard trance song to headbang! And after 2:20, the song really starts out what will make you go insane!

8. Trance Techno - N-R-G

Trance Techno - N-R-G

We can call it almost old school hard trance, because it is already an older tune. It has an unbelievably uplifting melody, yet it remains hard trance. Yes, this is a true hard trance track with a fast rhythm and a wonderful melody and not to forget the hard beats which will come later after the melodic part at 4:00 (starting).

7. Hard Trance Techno - Innocent Game

Hard Trance Techno - Innocent Game

An excellent hard trance techno track. Sadly, I don't know who made it, but he was surely a mster of his field! Everything goes perfectly with one another, the melody, the beats, the rhythm even this voice that appears sometimes. In the beginning, it seems to be a bit "unpromising", but if you keep listening to it then you will thank me for saying to you that it will get a lot more epic as it progresses!

6. Nightcore/Techno - Pirates of the Caribbean

Nightcore/Techno - Pirates of the Caribbean

Okay, okay. Accuse me of not providing you a trance track here, but don't say that this one is not an epic one. I simply had to feature it. Please forgive me. But it already starts out so damn good! And it will get better and better all the time! At 0:52 there is an vibrant part, that climates to its even more epic part at 1:15! Every electronic music lover will spend hours of hours listening to this one. Thre is a break around 1:40, which finishes at 2:00. And then again it will get so mindblowing, especially with this epic synths at 2:13 (I think) that you will always want more and more of this super track!

5. Pro-T.O.N - substance (original mix)

Pro-T.O.N - substance (original mix)

More traditional hard trance. This one also reminded me of this old ("space") hard trance tracks.

4. Hardtrance - Vulcania

Hardtrance - Vulcania

More HARD TRANCE! Until 1:33, where it will suddenly change its character, it has quite nice beats. Then this high pitched melody starts which is accompanied by a strong bass and beats at 2:00 (I think).

3. Hard Trance - Losing Myself

Hard Trance - Losing Myself

Losing Myself, what a great hard trance track! It is such a great hard trance track I don't ebven know what to say to it. It also sounds like the older hard trance tunes and has these very strong beats. A perfect hard trance track for every hard trance lover! At 2:25 it is very calm and relaxing, but this utopia will not remain long. Because at 3:30, this tremendous beats and bangs return!

2. Hard Trance - Endless Progression

Hard Trance - Endless Progression

We are closing in to number one, but first, we will have a look on this bombastic hard trance track! So much hard trance this month o.o. It is old, it is great, it is mindblowing, it is just perfect for every hard trance lover! It has this battling hard beats and after 4:25, the dangerous beats return, more mindblowing then ever!

1. Darma - Victory

Darma - Victory

Here is number one of my top ten trance music songs and tunes of July 2012!
No hard trance, sorry if I did disappoint anyone here. It is greek trance (something like hard uplifting psychedelic trance). The beginning is nothing compared to the rest of this massive track. At 1:30, the introduction is over and the game may begin. Intensive, mindcrushing beats coin this track. It sounds a bit weird in the background at some points, but this shouldn't disturb you. More and more melodies will come in. Keep listening to it and watching the video at the same time. It gets more and more dynamic all the time and more and more intense and you will get drawn into it more and more. Especially approaching the ending, this becomes even more extreme!
By the way, this yellow "tree" is the Pythagoras tree ;).

Please don't hesitate to share this on Facebook (to your right is the LIKE button) with your friends or anywhere else! And leave your opinion in the rating and comments section below please!
Every month will have an own top ten playlist of the best trance music songs and tunes. I will give my best to provide you with the best and most marvellous songs and tunes the trance world has to offer.
If you would like to keep track of my releases, then you can either sign up here on HubPages (what takes like two minutes) and go onto my profile and click on the follow button or you either visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to me, as I will always post a link when the latest top ten is published.
Tell me about your personal number one trance song in the comments section just below and leave a rating please! :D

Top Ten Trance Music Songs of August 2012

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