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The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (February 2012) with commentary!

Updated on July 2, 2012

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The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (February 2012)

And we continue with my Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of February 2012. In this month, I found many awesome hard trance songs as well as some outstanding uplifting trance songs. And these are not normal uplifting trance songs. They are sung by vocaloids! By Hatsune Miku to be more exact. So, should we call it Vocatrance? Anyway, her voice is beautiful and goes perfectly well with uplfiting trance. Enjoy!
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10. Dragon Trance - Destination Hard Dance

Dragon Trance - Destination Hard Dance

This hard trance track will blow your mind! Enjoy the song and this cool picture of this dragon.

9. Hatsune Miku - Unfragment

Hatsune Miku - Unfragment

This is a special uplifting vocal trance song sung by Hatsune Miku. She is probably the most popular vocaloid. And as you might have noticed already, the picture is of her. The intro is quite long. It last until 1:50, but it is very calming and relaxing. And then her mesmerizing voice sets in the song. Her beautiful voice really has something uplifting and powerful, although I don't understand her, as she sings Japanese. Indeed, this song has a very calming, but yet a very uplifting and powerful melody (and vocals). All in one, this song makes a wonderful uplifting vocal trance song!

8. Masif DJs - Sunrise (Here I Am) (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix)

Masif DJs - Sunrise (Here I Am) (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix)

This is such a massive hard trance track, including vocals! At the beginning, the dear listener may enjoy the wonderful vocals of that hard vocal trance track and after the 1:30 minute, they heavy bass and beat begins and will surely blow your mind away!

7. Hatsune Miku - Dreamscape (Original)

Hatsune Miku - Dreamscape (Original)

At first, I thought this would be a remix of the dreamscape version of 009 Sound System, but in fact, it is a completely different song. It really is a song to dream away. Once again, Miku Hatsune astonished me with her dreamy, beautiful voice.
The break-down at 2:00 approximately makes place for a solo Miku part. But then, the song continues with Miku singing through the whole song, accompanied by a wonderful uplfiting trance beat.

6. Hatsune Miku - Celestial Symphony

Hatsune Miku - Celestial Symphony

Miku Hatsune again hehe. This is a trance song of her that is rather trance only and not uplifting trance. It also sounds different to the other songs, especially at the beginning. It really is a symphony that goes perfectly with Miku's dreamy, but energetic voice. After half of this magnificent trance song there will be a - I don't know the exact terminology for this - certain point of time, where it will go one octave higher. The best is you simply listen to that wonderful vocal trance song on your own.

5. Hatsune Miku - Lost you -Project Mix-

Hatsune Miku - Lost you -Project Mix-

One of my all time favorites of Hatsune Miku's vocal trance songs! Already the beginning with the sudden intense vocals will enthrall you throughout the song. The song builds up a special atmosphere. The vocals go perfectly with the beats and intensify the whole song by a thousandfold. After 2:30, there is a short break-down where the atmosphere becomes more relaxed, but afterwards, it will return with its full intensity! Miku's voice is in this trance track of exceptional beauty and power. I strongly recommend everyone to listen to it (and to all the others too).

4. Masif DJs - Come Together (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix)

Masif DJs - Come Together (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix)

We leave the Miku euphoria aside for this one and continue with asskicking HARD TRANCE!
Again, this hard trance song has vocals, which sound kind of heavenly at the beginning. Plus, it is remixed by Steve Hill and Technikal!

3. Masif Dj's - Southern Sun (Steve Hill vs Technikal mix)

Masif Dj's - Southern Sun (Steve Hill vs Technikal mix)

This one is rather like the older hard trance songs. It has -to me- a philosophical atmosphere. But after 0:50, the vocals begin, which sound so epic to this song. They will reappear and complement the hard trance beats. What a headbang-y hard trance song!

2. Nightcore - Every time We Touch

Nightcore - Everytime We Touch

Okay, you got me. It is nightcore I am sorry guys. At least the original goes into the direction of trance.
But I had to feature this incredible nightcore song! It is a really well-remixed nightcore song. Surely, it is a speed up. But not these cheap speed-ups. I can't stop listening to this, because it this nightcore song simply got me into its ban. I can't really explain, but the vocals go strangely well with the whole rhythm and beats of the song.
And for the connaisseur; Yes, that is a beautiful picture of Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka!

1. Starz ft. Veela - Second Nature [FREE]

Starz ft. Veela - Second Nature [FREE]

Oh no, I just did it again. Although that is no trance, it is liquid drum n bass. I always tell people they shouldn't be this biased and more open-minded.
There are these wonderful vocals of the vocalist Veela accompanying that wonderful peace of art. It evokes these morning, uplifting feelings. Listening to this song and being outside on a sunny, moderately warm, fresh spring morning just make the whole moment perfect.
At 1:50 approx. that song will catch you totally and you will find yourself repeating it the whole time. It has wonderful vocals, an incomparable beat and such an incredibly devastating -but in a positive sense- atmosphere that I could almost get tears of joy :'D.

Every month will have an own top ten playlist of the best trance music songs and tunes. I will give my best to provide you with the best and most marvellous songs and tunes the trance world has to offer.
If you would like to keep track of my releases, then you can either sign up here on HubPages (what takes like two minutes) and go onto my profile and click on the follow button or you either visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to me, as I will always post a link when the latest top ten is published.
Please don't hesitate to share this on Facebook with your friends or anywhere else! And leave your opinion in the rating and comments section please!

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