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TFK's "The End Is Where We Begin" - The Best of Thousand Foot Krutch

Updated on July 19, 2012

Original but Mainstream

If you're ready for something forceful and dynamic, yet mainstream at the same time, then this album is for you!

For those of you who don't know what Thousand Foot Krutch usually offers, their music is typically hard rock with some slower songs mixed in. This time around, they've kept to their roots but added a few new things.

For instance, TFK features a cowbell in the first song We Are. Although it was not a prominent sound in the song, it adds a uniqueness that I haven't heard much of in mainstream music. Any band can have lead guitar, a bass, and some drums, but when a band incorporates other sounds and instruments into their music, that's when you know you have somebody original and creative.

Along those lines, lead singer Trevor McNevan chose to rap in a couple of songs (War of Change, Down, Light Up the Sky). Like I said, it seems usual for mainstream rock to have anything other than typical instruments and singing. Spicing things up a bit shows ambition and confidence.

As far as lyrics, they seem to be very confrontational. But that can be a good thing! As a Christian rock band you wouldn't expect it. Granted, true Gospel music is beautiful and fulfilling. TFK is the other side of that coin...

For example, in the song I Get Wicked, we hear:

"We want peace, but we can make this rowdy

Stop, we don't wanna hurt nobody

You can't hang me, 'cause my nature's nice

And my heart's for the people of the world tonight

If you got a problem with it, take it up with life

'Cause if you try to push me, it ain't gonna be nice"

How does that strike you?

Now with the song Be Somebody, it's pretty clear Trevor is referring to Jesus in more than one instance:

"I feel a million miles away, still you connect me in your way

And you create in me somethin' I would have never seen

When I could only see the floor, you made my window a door

So when they say they don't believe, I hope that they see you in me"

I particularly like Let the Sparks Fly and Courtesy Call but the album in its entirety is fantastic! It stays true to the usual TFK I've come to expect while adding a few new things.

Overall, I gotta say, solid new album and I look forward to them adding new twists and instruments to their music.

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  • Nathan Kiehn profile image

    Nathan Kiehn 3 years ago

    I love this album. One of their best. As for your poll, I think I enjoy the light and hard equally. While TFK can lay the beats down when they want, songs like "Already Home" and "Look Away" from Welcome to the Masquerade really hit me. Good stuff and great review.