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The Big Bang Theory Families

Updated on August 14, 2017

The Big Bang Theory Families

Over the last ten seasons of The Big Bang Theory we have been introduced to a number of family members of the lead actors. I figured it would be a handy guide to have them all listed in one place so I decided to make this hub page. If you are curious what the main The Big Bang Theory characters looked like before they appeared on this hit comedy take a look at my other hub page titled The Big Bang Theory Before and After

Sheldon Cooper's Family

Over the last ten seasons we have met two of Sheldon Coopers family. His mom Mary Cooper and his twin sister Missy Cooper. We have heard about Sheldon's brother who has yet to appear on The Big Bang Theory and named George Cooper who is a few years older than Sheldon. Sheldon's father also named George died when Sheldon was fourteen. Lets take a closer look at Mary and Missy Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper is played by actress Laurie Metcalf, best known for her long gig on the TV series Roseanne. Mary Cooper is a devout Christian from Texas who has difficulty relating to her genius son. Mary makes a few appearances each season the first being during season one when Sheldon was fired from the university

Missy Cooper

Missy Cooper is played by actress Courtney Henggeler. Missy Cooper has only made one appearance on The Big Bang Theory where she was visiting California an had Sheldon sign a number of legal papers. Sheldon and Missy are completely different and it is difficult to believe they shared the same womb. Later on in the series we learned that Missy Cooper was married and had given birth to a child.

Leonard Hofstadter Family

Leonard Hofstadter family is from New Jersey and over the years we have met his parents over the last ten seasons but have yet to meet his sister or brother. Leonard mother Beverly Hofstadter and father Alfred Hofstadter are both strong characters. Lets take a closer look at Leonard's parents

Beverly Hofstadter

Beverly Hofstadter is played by actress Christine Baranski . The funny thing about Beverly as a renowned psychiatrist, author and neuroscientist she is not exactly what one would call the typical mother who relies on books and studies in relation to her son. Sheldon Cooper on the other hand thinks she is amazing and has a much stronger connection to her. Over the years Leonard has made remarks on how critical and judgemental his mother is

Alfred Hofstadter

Alfred Hofstadter is portrayed by actor Judd Hirsch who is a archaeologist who divorced Beverly in the later years of The Big Bang Theory. Alfred who is much more carrying and supportive than his ex wife who he refers to as being cold and soulless. We did not see Alfred until season nine when he attended his son's second wedding to Penny

Penny's Family

Penny from The Big Bang Theory never had a last name until she married Leonard to become Penny Hofstadter. Through the years we have heard a ton about her brother Randall, her father Wyatt and mother Susan but only her Dad made an appearance until season nine of The Big Bang Theory. Penny does have a sister who has yet to be named. Lets take a closer look at Penny's family


Wyatt is played by actor Keith Carradine. A farmer from Nebraska who still calls his beautiful daughter slugger. Wyatt is an outdoors man who immediately connected with Leonard as he was heads and tails above Penny's previous boyfriends.


Susan is played by actress Katey Sagal, who was also actress Kaley Cuoco mother on the series Eight Simple Rules. Susan who makes her first appearance in season ten was very concerned that Leonard's family would look down on them as she was embarrassed about her son Randall just being released from prison for selling and manufacturing drugs


Penny's brother Randall has been referred to over the first nine seasons due to his time spent in prison and for manufacturing meth. Randall who is played by actor Jack McBrayer is a happy go lucky meth dealer.

Howard Wolowitz Family

Howard Wolowitz for the majority of The Big Bang Theory consisted of him and his mother. Howard father Sam left when he was young and ceased contact with his son. We learn later on that Howard's father had another family and he had a step brother named Josh Wolowitz who has made a single appearance on the show.

Debbie Wolowitz

Debbie Wolowitz was played by actress Carol Ann Susi. We never actually saw Debbie who is remembered for her loud voice and her devotion to her son. Unfortunately Debbie Wolowitz passed away in season eight of The Big Bang Theory. Carol Ann Susi passed away after battling cancer on November 11 2014

Josh Wolowitz

Josh Wolowitz is Howard's half brother who makes an appearance after the death of Debbie Wolowitz when he learns that he has a brother and tracked Howard down. All we really know about Josh is that he is studying marine biology

Rajesh Koothrappali Family

Rajesh Koothrappali family is one of the most active in The Big Bang Theory. His parents Doctor Koothrappali and Mrs Koothrappali have made numerous appearances over the years. Raj's sister Priya was a main fixture during season four when she dated Leonard. Raj also has numerous other siblings who have not been named or seen

Doctor Koothrappali

Rajesh father Doctor Koothrappali is very rich and a top gynecologist in India. The actor portraying Raj's father is actor Brian George. We normally see him through video chat however he did appear during a Christmas Party hosted by Amy. In later seasons he would divorce his wife

Mrs Koothrappali

A doctors wife who was married for forty years before getting divorced. Mrs Koothrappali was played by actress Alice Amter. Mrs Koothrappali normally appeared alongside of her husband in video chats. She is very caring and according to Raj was in a loveless marriage. Her first name is unknown

Priya Koothrappali

Priya Koothrappali is a corporate lawyer living in India. During season four Priya dated Leonard however the relationship ended when she returned to India. Priya is played by actress Aarti Mann. In later seasons we learn that five out of six Koothrappali children are now married the exception of course is Raj

Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz Family

Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is the wife of Howard and is the daughter of Mike Rostenkowski and his wife reffered to as Mrs. Rostenkowski. Bernadette has a number of siblings who have not been named with the exception of Joey who has yet to be seen

Mike Rostenkowski

A former cop who left most of the child rearing to his wife. Mike Rostenkowski is played by actor Casey Sanders. Howard has a difficult time trying to form a bond with his father in law although Sheldon Cooper was able to do so. Mike Rostenkowski has strong opinions on a variety of subjects

Mrs Rostenkowski

Mrs Rostenkowski who raised her children and was overly concerned regarding the safety of her kids. An example would be forbidding Bernadette from learning to ride a bike as she may hit a bump and lose her virginity. Mrs Rostenkowski is played by actress Meagen Fay. Mrs Rostenkowski is a bit out there but is able to manipulate her husband Mike

Amy Farrah Fowler Family

Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler the girlfriend of Sheldon Cooper does not have much of a family to speak of besides and overbearing mother Mrs. Fowler.

Mrs. Fowler

We have only seen Mrs. Fowler once when she was introduced to Sheldon Cooper via web chat. What we know about Mrs. Fowler is that she was very strict and had very outdated views and would lock Amy in the closet when she did something wrong. Mrs. Fowler who was played by actress Annie O'Donnell

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