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The Big Bang Theory Merchandise: Dream Giftbag - Episode #2

Updated on October 8, 2017
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The Big Bang Theory (2007-Present) - Are You Ready to Blow Your Mind Over the Countless Memorabilia Options to Keep "The Big Bang Theory" Fresh in Your Lives
The Big Bang Theory (2007-Present) - Are You Ready to Blow Your Mind Over the Countless Memorabilia Options to Keep "The Big Bang Theory" Fresh in Your Lives

The Big Bang Theory First Hit Television Screens in September of 2007, a Decade Later and We are Talking About Merchandise

If you have been eagerly following The Big Bang Theory sitcom series then you may be interesting in keeping subtle reminders for the show around your home.

The US sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, in those early days popped up on TV networks as what appeared to be a documentary of some kind. This was short lived as all of the millions of people to become the audience of the shows first episode would quickly change first impressions as to being witnessed to perhaps the most relatable and brilliant of sitcoms shows to ever hit the home screens.

How is The Big Bang Theory so relatable? Well, take the main characters, Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, and Raj. The four leading male characters are all best friends who each work at the same university doing research for their respective fields. Leonard and Sheldon are both room mates at the apartment building where they have regular get-togethers with their two best friends, Howard and Raj. Penny, the final of the leading characters is the Hollywood fame seeking girl who lives across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. Penny quickly becomes fast friends with the quadruple group of super-intelligent science doctors.

For those following the series, The Big Bang Theory sitcom show has recently reached its tenth season finale, and there is confirmation for another series to come ahead. This has to be one of the longest running sitcoms on Network television, and close fans of the show are hoping the end will come in another decades time. Chances are, The Big Bang Theory could become the longest running sitcom, but only time will tell.

To keep The Big Bang Theory current, the show had to progress through new developments in the lives of the leading characters, and by season seven Howard has a girlfriend, Bernadette, another super-smart science researcher. Leonard’s relationship with Penny is reaching new grounds, and has to have been the most attachable of relationships on the show, but it seems other characters are stealing away the audiences attention through other close relationships that have been forming throughout the more recent seasons. Even Sheldon, the voice for the close friended group, has gone through his various ups and downs throughout the show with his best friend/and roommate Leonard, and is perhaps the most beloved relationship on the sitcom. But, even Sheldon, has formed a lovers relationship with another girl, Amy Farrah Fowler, and as audience supporters for Sheldon, fans can say that we are pleased with the adoption of a closer relationship forming for the most eccentric of leading characters within the sitcom.

Why The Big Bang Theory has stood the test of time? Since 2007, every season has brought something new to the table. In season 1, we were enjoying the close bonds formed between the groups leading men, and having a self learning session each week into the nerdier sides to our own selves. Plus, the groups disorganised approach on the real world outside of science has always remained poised and interesting. Season 2, and Leonard and Penny were gaining more traction as being suitable suiters for one another, but the major problems for the two is their entirely different professional lives that each has. Season 3, more Leonard and Penny development. Season 4, more Leonard and Penny development… Well, the Leonard and Penny show goes on for the entire duration of the shows life-cycle… and there is still more to come.

To skip ahead, in season 10, Leonard and Penny are closer and more together than ever before, Howard and Bernadette - SPOILER AHEAD! - have a baby together, Raj is still stumbling through rocky relationships with women, and even Stuart (the comic book store owner) has a bigger role within the show, now living with Howard and Bernadette, helping as a supporter for the family, and even has a larger role for the connection aspect within the show as he is like an uncle for the Howard and Bernadette baby.

  • Bazinga Lounge Pants - Available at Amazon
  • Roommate Agreement T-Shirt - Available at (available in Mens and Women’s)
  • Knock Knock Knock Penny Doormat - Available at
  • Leonard Standee - Life Size Cut Out - Available at (available in Howard, Raj, Penny, also)
  • The Big Bang Theory Monopoly - Available at Amazon and
  • Sheldon’s Closet - The Flash Distressed Logo T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Green Cross T-Shirt, Batman Washed Bat Logo T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Orange Aquaman T-Shirt, Batman Logo T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Flash T-Shirt, I Atom Coitus T-Shirt, Sheldon’s War Torn Superman Shield T-Shirt, The Green Lantern Logo Men’s T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Blue Shield Superman T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Hawkman Symbol T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Light Blue Superman T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Red Lantern Symbol T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Sinestro Corps Symbol T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Star Sapphire Symbol T-Shirt, Sheldon’s Tattered Superman Shield T-Shirt - Available at
  • The Big Bang Theory Live Without Love T-Shirt - (reads - “people say you can’t live without love, I think oxygen is more important”) - Available at
  • The Big Bang Theory Video-Games T-Shirt - (reads - “no one can be that attractive and that skilled at video games”) - Available at
  • The Big Bang Theory Sing Soft Kitty Women’s Junior Fit T-Shirt - (illustrates a grey with black stripes 'sick kitty' with a thermometer in its mouth, and a pink box of tissues, and it reads - "sing soft kitty to me!”) - Available at
  • The Big Bang Theory Physics Department T-Shirt - (reads - “property of physics department”) - Available at
  • The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Sleepwear Set - for women - Available at
  • The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Mug - Available at
  • Big Bang Theory Square Pillow: Cast - Available at

These were our top picks, but if what you were looking for was not listed, then with have collected sources to fill all of those Big Bang Theory itches and scratches.


If you have heard of HMV, then you should know what to expect from Zavvi. TV show memorabilia is fruitful here, and has the popular of memorabilia items relating to The Big Bang Theory show.


TV Store Online has some interesting memorabilia items, but has a lot of the memorabilia that can be found on the other sites listed here.


Has a total of 16 items of memorabilia items that relate to The Big Bang Theory show. Mostly clothing items.


Etsy has the most results for items that relate to The Big Bang Theory, and has more than 2000 results for this category alone.

Etsy is so fruitful in fact with The Big Bang Theory memorabilia given that it has a whole variety of businesses promoting sales through the site that we have literally had to give our top 10 The Big Bang Theory memorabilia to be found on Etsy (.com).

  1. The Big Bang Theory | Jim Parsons | Johnny Galecki | Kunal Nayyar | Simon Helberg | Minimal Artwork Poster - £9.00 - Available at
  2. Big Bang Theory Doormat | Funny Doormat | Custom | Housewarming Gift | Personalised Doormat | Gift For New Homes - £29.95 - Available at
  3. I Am Not Crazy Big Bang Theory Phone Case for iPhone Cases, iPod Touch Cases, and Samsung Galaxy Cases (reads - "I am not crazy, my mother had me tested" - green coloured, with black and white text) - £7.99 - Available at
  4. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Print | Big Bang Theory | Sheldon Cooper | Gift | Poster | TV Show | Sitcom | 300gsm Premium Print - £13.00 - Available at
  5. The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper "You're In My Spot" Pillow - TV Show, Gift for Him, Dad Gift, Pillow, Home Decor, Throw Pillow - £14.26 - (It might also be worth mentioning that more than 2,300 people have reviewed this product, and it has an overall star rating of 5/5) - Available at
  6. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur. Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr, Purr, Purr. Printed On Both Sides - Big Bang Theory Mug - 083 - £8.71 - (another, it might be worth mentioning that more than 1,200 people have reviewed this product, and it has an overall star rating of 5/5) - Available at
  7. The Big Bang Theory - All Characters - Intro - 19x13 Poster - £15.83 - (another, it might be worth mentioning that more than 900 people have reviewed this product, and it has an overall star rating of 5/5) - Available at
  8. You're in my spot, Fan of the Big Bang Theory inspired Embroidered Cushion & Cover - £16.99 - Available at
  9. Big Bang Theory Atom - Apple MacBook Vinyl Sticker - Atomic Whirl in Various Colours - £3.00 - Available at
  10. Big Bang Theory Minifigure Set Wall Art - £65.00 - Available at

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