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The Black Mind in the Film World: What Needs to Happen for a Hollywood for African Americans

Updated on October 30, 2016


As kooky as actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash sounds, the woman has a point. She’s right but for all the wrong reasons. There ought not be a Black History Month or any other set of time to recognize the contributions of the Negro race. While once upon a time representing poor audio visual qualities, subpar scripted series, and a glut of coonery, Bamboozled Entertainment Television better known as Black Entertainment Television (BET) might remain but as long as it continues to be guided by white hands. What Dash fails to see is that there ought to be the private segregation of businesses and services under the beautiful system of capitalism. Diversity and multiculturalism favor the lowest of the low over the higher sections of arts and culture or claims that they’re equal. This order of feeling only worsens the racial relations.

A Different Take on Miss Dash


Building their Own

African Americans should look forward to self-reliance and independence from the white gaze. Their spirituals, blues, rock, soul; all of the above establish the Black man and woman’s profound humanity. Miss Dash misunderstands clearly the nature of the Black experience. The rapes, murders, thefts, castrations, and other indignities imprinted on the Black soul ought to inject in Miss Dash’s consciousness. She ought to realize that the scarcity of roles for Coloreds should not be deterred in founding their own version of Hollywood. Negroes ought to be empowered to be best boys, grips, assistant directors, and other professions within the filmmaking industry. Blacks ought to focus their attentions on building their own. By hiring personnel and allowing other Negroes to flourish in the movie business, African Americans should seize every opportunity to grow and thrive in an environment where rejection based on skin color would be nil. And lest we forget, there is a Black man in the White House. Such a reality ought to prompt men and women of color to consider the advancement of a film world that they can call theirs.

A Sit-Down with Miss Dash


Any notions of why Blacks seem to come up short when it comes to being chosen for the Oscars ought to be viewed bunk. Because of the higher melanin counts and the cultural upbringing combines, so-called Negroes feel privileged to call anything and everything racism. These baseless allegations only fuel the fire of actual racism and distort the realm of ideas. Without say Black History Month, Blacks would be released from the strangleholds of any perceived oppression and allow themselves of confining the celebration of their achievements to a single month. The importance of Black expression and scientific contributions ought not be look over or ignored. In fact, the treasures that African Americans have created or discovered intertwine with those of other races and backgrounds. What's next, the Black boycott of the Nobel Prizes because the have never awarded a single Negro in the science and medicine categories? Sadly, most Negroes only sit back with their poked out lips, upset that whitey refuses to acknowledge their gains. Contrarily, they ought to stand tall and be proud of their history and their ancestors who braved slavery. Rather than passing the blame onto their family members from generations past, they ought to embrace the legacy of their forebearers.

Rationalization or Reality

Is Stacey Dash rational in her approach to Black people?

See results

Miss Dash as an Honoree



Miss Dash’s assertions that we’re “all American” ring true. But what also ought to be considered are the individual lives which have been altered by brutal past. Blacks should be looked at as the nationality in which their parents birthed them or how they earned the title of American by becoming a naturalized citizen. A greater look at the nuances of how race remains a hot topic is due. Miss Dash’s claims only illustrate her position at Fox News and her continuance of her acting career, as Troi “Star” Torain would say. The root of the issue lies not in Black excellence and intelligence but in their negation. And it is in most African Americans that this problem persists. Miss Dash displayed her absolute ignorance of what she is, phenotypically speaking. So, she ought to learn that her skin color does not influence the validity of her mind. It’s her own misintegration and disintegration that do. Why hasn’t Spike Lee and John Singleton and John Ridley and Ava Duvernay already put forth funds to bring up about the place for actors and writers and directors to call home? What will it take for Blacks to take up the reins and carve out their own destinies? To dismiss the Black History Month observances and criticize networks like BET only scratches the surface. The gatekeepers of a new order of Black filmmaking would make dreams reality and cause a groundswell in innovation and ingenuity. That day has not passed Negroes. The future calls the fresh talented tenth to rise above prejudice and injustice and make possible the inventiveness of the Black mind.


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    • Skyler Saunders profile imageAUTHOR

      Skyler Saunders 

      2 years ago from Newark, DE

      Miss Dobson,

      Firstly, I thank you for your pointed response to my Hub. It is refreshing to communicate with a Black woman filmmaker. Now, in regard to my comments about "most Black people," I say such things to motivate them. I'm an Objective Hater. I suggest that you complete a Google search query of Troi "Star" Torain for further details. Also, I appreciate your keen knowledge of the Black film scene in Atlanta. It is a bastion of African American creativity and business acumen. What I must emphasize, however, is the Negro's sluggish progress in bringing about the "change" that you mention. Again, with President Obama in the White House, Coloreds ought to cease looking for hand outs from the white man and chart their own courses.

      As far as film school goes, it is up to the student to develop his or her own entrepreneurial aptitude and apply that to a real world situation. It appears that you possess such a quality. Thanks, again for your rebuttal. I look forward to your continued readership.



    • Kendra Dobson profile image

      Kendra Dobson 

      2 years ago

      I hope that it does inspire. I'll keep reading your posts, and I hope you follow mine as well.

    • Kendra Dobson profile image

      Kendra Dobson 

      2 years ago

      "Sadly, most Negroes only sit back with their poked out lips, upset that whitey refuses to acknowledge their gains. Contrarily, they ought to stand tall and be proud of their history and their ancestors who braved slavery. Rather than passing the blame onto their family members from generations past, they ought to embrace the legacy of their forebearers."

      I strongly disagree with that statement. If that were true, we wouldn't see as much change in this country as we have. I actually think that this statement is a direct contradiction to your argument. Aren't you arguing that Blacks feel privileged to call anything racism?

      Don't get me wrong, I hear what you're saying... but I think you might be incorrect in assuming that "most" black people are waiting around for white people to acknowledge them.

      As a black filmmaker, myself, I haven't taken the Oscars seriously for almost 10 years now... I'm in my late 20s. When it comes to my craft, I don't tailor my work for the white gaze as we are "supposed" to do if we want a paycheck or a career. However, I'm aware that the industry in which I work is, white. Meaning, the industry does pandor to a white audience. Because of this, the industry attracts more white filmmakers, and awards more white filmmakers. That's just

      I went to film school. Do you think film school is going to teach you how to build your own film industry? No. That's ridiculous. Film school teaches you how to succeed in the film industry that we already have. Same with any field of study. You're taught what you need to learn in order to join the establishment.

      Starting over, and building your own is NOT easy. With that said, I think that African Americans have done an above average, spectacular job in creating their own. We still have work to do in the goal to build our own industry, but have you seen the Atlanta film scene lately? It's happening. This boycott and the subsequent changes that the Academy Awards made due to the boycott is only a sign of the times. The Academy Awards has always been this way, but we have made so much progress in creating our own content (a lot of it online) that the Academy is listening to us when we complain. Let me say that again, in another way: We've always complained, but we have created so much of our own content (that quickly spreads online) that the Academy is listening, and changing. We made the first move, and the Academy is catching up. So I don't follow your point about "most black people" waiting around for acknowledgment. Change doesn't happen in that direction.


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