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The Blue Note Years

Updated on January 13, 2011

Blue Note = Jazz

That's John Coltrane on the cover.
That's John Coltrane on the cover.

Jazz and Photography

Recently, a friend that is aware of my dual interests in jazz music and photography (especially black and white photography) suggested I look into the work of Francis Wolff.  So I did and found this great book.  

I was not previously aware of Francis Wolff, although I was familiar with many of his images as they graced the covers of many famous jazz record albums (from the days of vinyl) put out by Blue Note.

It's a shame that Wolff isn't better known and his photography hasn't received more accolades.  Please join me in spreading the word -- and photos. 

A John Coltrane Classic!

Four Jazz Legends

L-R: George Benson, John Coltrane, Lee Morgan, Horace Silver.
L-R: George Benson, John Coltrane, Lee Morgan, Horace Silver.

Popular Jazz Classic - The Sidewinder

Buy the book now!

The Blue Note Years: The jazz Photography of Francis Wolff
The Blue Note Years: The jazz Photography of Francis Wolff

Recommended for jazz fans and photographers of any skill level. Interesting historical info and inspiring photography.


Blue Note Fans

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    • Jazzybeatchick profile image

      Jazzybeatchick 6 years ago from Seattle, Washington

      Great hub. I would like to suggest Dizzy Gillespie he was a permenant fixture in our house along with the others you have named.

    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 7 years ago

      This ole Cajun lady has spent many hours sitting around in the back streets of New Orleans---just swaying to it all---Blues are my favorite with a little Jazz on the side.

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 7 years ago from USA

      FC - I am not enough into music to really appreciate all of the good info here about jazz. I enjoyed a visit one time to Preservation Hall on Peter Street in the French Quarter where the then performing jazz band sat on the dirt floor to play and we did the same thing to listen to them.

      I'm with you, too, about liking B&W photography. You can do a lot of putting mood into photos with it along with some real art, like in Ansel Adams' photos. Thanks for a fine read here.

      Gus :-)~

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Oh man... cool hub. And the Coltrane vid is appreciated!!

    • FCEtier profile image

      Chip 7 years ago from Cold Mountain

      Thanks for your comments. You should both enjoy "The Sidewinder" clip above.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      This is an interesting hub but I also do not know very much about jazz. I enjoy light jazz and listen to it quite often.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I am not well versed in Jazz and my interest dates back to people like Dave Brubeck. I try to learn what I can about various genries.