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The Books on Donald Trump

Updated on September 10, 2020

There are 4500 published books on Donald Trump. Trump, himself, has published over 50 of them via ghost writers and self publishing. Since Trump became president in 2016, over 15 have been published.

As Trump stated, his last name sells. It's like The Beatles, that iconic name sells, even if you are not really a fan. With Trump, the theme of books come down to either his business and how to become rich, or, about his persona and character. They also are written as a foe or friend.

Regardless, they all show the same or similar patterns of how he conducts business and his character. Many will state that anything that is negative in the books is because the author has an agenda to discredit or smear Trump in bad light. Maybe, but when several authors cite the same or similar characteristics or behavior, a pattern develops and is confirmed. As Trump has said, "If you repeat a lie enough, people will start to believe it". That is a page out of Communism.

Trump is narcissistic, an egotist, lacks empathy, a racist, a man suspicious of those who are smarter than himself and just a liar when it benefits him PERSONALLY. Everything revolves around him and for his benefit in some way, whatever it is. If you are not with him 100%, you are an enemy, a liberal, a traitor, and subject to his vile attacks.

As a businessman, he is savvy and wily as the best of them. He is cut throat and willing to do whatever it takes, even if it is shady or illegal, to get the deal that he wants. He is willing to payoff challengers or those who are in way of closing the deal. In his world, he his God and all things originate with his permission. That is how he became a very rich man before 2016.

You can't treat an old dog new tricks and Trump carries on the same methodology as President of the United States. Many voters dislike the man's persona but like the results. One can see this in the economic situation that despite the high unemployment rates, his handling of Covid-19 with deception to Americans, the rioting in many cities, the stock market continues to exceed expectations and the military is strong again. That is all they care about. They just ignore all the other things Trump has failed at even when facts are presented to their face.

The Trump books all paint a man that, as others have said, a mafia-like persona in the White House. He fires and appoints those in his graces or those who are not. He is a man so in love with himself that he even wants to be president for three terms and have his face on Mt. Rushmore.

We all know someone like Trump in our lives. Do you like them? Want them as a boss? Most, would answer "No".


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