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The Bourne Trilogy Movie Reviews

Updated on July 26, 2016
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Alec is a film critic with a true passion for the film industry & hopes his reviews and articles will help launch his career.


The Bourne Identity

Jason Bourne was found in the Mediterranean Sea, floating and presumed dead. Fishermen pulled him onto their boat and found out he was still alive. Eventually, they pulled into port and Bourne began his journey to find out who he was.

The film was spectacular, weaving together mystery, suspense, action, and love together into one. Matt Damon showed us a new side of his acting abilities. He was committed and determined to get the role right and he was impressive in doing so. Franka Potente performed well as Marie, a woman down on her luck that was pulled into Bourne's world and decided to stay with him to help him. Her acting was on par with Damon's, playing off one another expertly.

The Bourne Identity ushered in a new era of espionage films, giving us something better than James Bond. It gave us a human weapon, capable of learning any martial art, any language, and any direction possible and mastering them all in order to disappear. Cross Mission: Impossible's Ethan Hunt with 24's Jack Bauer and you get Jason Bourne.


The Bourne Supremacy

Jason and Marie have made a life for themselves in India, believing that Treadstone was disbanded and no longer a threat. But a new threat has risen from the CIA: the man who oversaw the Treadstone program. After tragedy strikes, Jason goes on the run again, targeting the people responsible for ruining his life.

The sequel is by far my personal favorite of the series. Director Paul Greengrass takes over, immersing the audience into a film that not only makes you feel like you're right there every step of the way alongside Bourne, but also keeps your mind moving throughout.

Damon's acting is even better than in Identity, giving us an emotional performance that makes us feel sorry for Bourne. Damon makes us care and want to see him come out on top.

The action sequences are twice as good in this film, the highlights being the on-foot chase in Berlin and the car chase in Moscow. Both have Bourne defy the odds and pull some interesting moves in his attempts to escape.

If you were a fan of The Bourne Identity, you will love The Bourne Supremacy. Everything has changed for Bourne, and the journey is tragic and full of some of the best action sequences out there.


The Bourne Ultimatum

The big finalé of the Jason Bourne trilogy is explosive and so full of action that even Tom Cruise would get exhausted. Paul Greengrass returns to direct The Bourne Ultimatum and he brings everything he has to the table.

Bourne is finally starting to remember what happened to him all those years ago and some interesting things are coming to light. Pamela Landy, a woman within the CIA who knows Bourne is innocent and a victim of the government, decides to go along with the CIA director long enough to get Bourne what he needs.

The best part about this film is how satisfying the big reveal is. Sometimes in a series that is leading up to a major event, it can become lackluster, example The Matrix series. Bourne, however, has kept its intelligence and its mystery throughout the series and is without a doubt one of the best action/espionage thriller series of all time.

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