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Movie Review: The Breakup

Updated on September 16, 2016
Writing a movie review is a good way to let others know about movies your enjoyed, and movies you did not really care for.
Writing a movie review is a good way to let others know about movies your enjoyed, and movies you did not really care for. | Source

Fans of this movie will probably not agree with me, but this entire movie basically revolves around the superficial breakup between a somewhat shallow woman named Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) and a stereotypical male bachelor named Gary (Vince Vaughn). From the first scene in the movie, I just felt that their relationship was too contrived and I had a hard time believing that these two people could even love each other. I had hoped to enjoy this movie because I enjoy most of Aniston's and Vaughn's other roles, but this movie lacked in many ways.

During the scene when Brooke is getting ready for dinner she throws a fit just because Gary only bought three lemons for the center piece. She lectures him about how she had to work all day, and how he never does anything right. The problem I have with her character is that it seems as if she knew Gary was like this from the beginning, but she persists on trying to make him "do more things for the relationship." Gary is by no means the perfect gentleman, but he seems to be trying his hardest given he is a somewhat lazy/stereotypical bachelor type who prefers to play video games rather than go to the Opera.

The part of the movie that is just beyond clueless is how Gary and Brooke continue to live in the same house while they are trying to sell it. Both subject their friends to the break-up and it is amazing that their friends do not avoid them earlier in the story. Many people have stated they think this movie is true to life about how relationships are, but I think we should step back and think if this is the type of relationships we are having with people. We should have enough respect for the person we are with to call it quits before we hurt each other. Easier said than done, but what is the purpose of sparring with each other when a separation could be the best medicine, and I mean a complete and total separation. People should not continue to talk, live, or hang out with their ex if it is so brutal and always leads to confrontation. Also, think of your friends and do your friends need to be subjected to that?

Brooke is constantly giving Gary mixed signals and she hopes to recapture his attention by going on dates with other men. She goes on a date with a man who seems very thoughtful, but she blows him off completely. When her friend says this man is very smart and read many books, she says "That is because no one wants to talk to him." To me, this line shows how shallow her character is because she seems to look down on someone who is intellectual and slightly shy. In the end, there is nothing redeeming about Brooke and I wish she could learn what true love is all about. Also, I think we should think about this when we assess our own behavior. What hurtful and cruel things could we be saying about people that are simply not true? Think before you speak and never judge a person because you are in no place to do so. We each need to respect each other and realize we have different positions and worldviews. Life should be about learning to respect each other, and not about mutual and toxic attacks, or let me rephrase that; life is much better without toxic elements that can be avoided.

Brooke spends the entire movie hoping to make Gary want to put more effort into the relationship, but she never bothers to tell him she still wants to be together. When Gary finally tells Brooke he is willing to change because he still loves her, she informs him that she no longer feels anything for him. Movies such as the Break-up help to reinforce how shallow people can be and how they expect others to change too much. Gary's character wins no prize either and he is not the ideal future husband, but at least he is not running around trying to change people. The only good thing about this movie is that at the end they both realize that maybe they were a little too judgmental about each other when they stop to talk on the street one day, but this is the only moral to be found in this entire story. However, one thing I got from this movie was that you should never try to change someone you claim to love. Love is a gift and you need to accept people for who they are at face value.

Now Go Read A Book Or Watch A Better Movie!

There is nothing like a depressing or shallow movie to make me just want to read a book! However, if you would rather watch a good movie, I would like to suggest actually watching a more educational and entertaining film such as The Bounty. However, if you enjoy watching pointless movies about the daldrums of a really rotten relationship, then carry on with the usually scheduled programing. However, I suggest reading an educational book such as the autobiography Leap of Faith by Queen Noor, or watching a historically accurate movie such as The Bounty as a much better use of your time. I do enjoy watching romantic comedies from time to time, but I would never want to watch another one that is so emotionally draining!


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    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 3 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I do not know what the Gold Metals award series is. Can you clarify? I would like to read whatever they wrote about it.

    • mckbirdbks profile image

      mckbirdbks 3 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      Hello - Jo sent me over from her Gold Metals award series. Nice to see a review that does not shout how good the movie was but rather give an honest point of few. I promise I will not watch this movie.