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The Change Up: Hit or Miss?

Updated on February 2, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I expected much of the same old dialogue from past efforts in the same genre. I mean, hasn't this been done numerous times and much more famously (not to mention classy) in the two Freaky Friday movies? And in worse movies like The Hot Chick?

When I first started seeing advertisements for The Change-Up I immediately thought that it was just another wasted attempt letting the world see how the idea of two people unhappy with their lives for no real reason, somehow get a chance to walk a mile in one another's shoes--literally. After a while you get tired of seeing the same concepts over and over again even when they try to rev it up with a few new jokes and some new faces.

But this movie was actually funny.

There was no Rob Schneider humor going on, but plenty of laugh out loud moments. There is the gross-out factor that I won't mention here in one scene involving baby's poop and the father trying to change the diaper, but all in all, it would satisfy your funny bone if you're just looking for a twisted little love story between a husband and wife who've lost touch with one another over the years, and two people who get to reevaluate their own friendship.

However, don't get your hopes up if you're in anyway looking for something really deep and meaningful. Look elsewhere. There's a nude scene, more than one scene where poop is the punchline, and a couple of scenes where the featured babies are engaging in some rather far-fetched behavior in the kitchen involving some cutlery. Ryan Reynolds has the best lines that honestly will make you replay certain scenes. I didn't think the length of it was just right, not too long, and not too short, especially for the subject at hand.

I'm pretty sure anyone who chooses to view this title probably isn't expecting anything more than a couple of a cheap laughs and a few raunchy moments and if that's how you're going into it then you'll be satisfied with what you get. But if you're going in thinking you're watching one of the next additions to some of the best comedies of all time you're going to be sorely disappointed. As long as you vow not to think too much as it's being played, you should be okay.


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