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The Circus Is For All Ages! Fun At The Circus! Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey

Updated on October 16, 2014

It was really amazing, our night at the circus, my friends and I tonight. I had not been (Boston, MA) in 26 years. Wow! And I didn't even think of going all this time. A friend invited me, and I'm so glad he did! Wow! It was great! I didn't remember really much from when I went as a kid. All I remembered was peanuts and the large pen I got. I had no memory of the actual events. So I'm very glad, because now these memories will last a lifetime! Or the rest of my life at least!

Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus has been around over 100 years. Right now the current owners are celebrating their 45th year. The picture book of the evening was six dollars and worth it. I also got an elephant mug with snow cone in it for $12 which I can keep as a collector's piece.

It's great to go back into my "childhood" and 'be a kid again." I actually had a tough childhood in some ways, so I deserve to be kid like haha! I think it's good to never grow up and stay young at heart too. I saw elderly people there. Everyone of all ages was there. You're never too old to have fun!

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The History

You can read about the history here. That's their official web page. The original circus has been around for about 144 years! The current family is celebrating 45 years.

In the VIDEO below, it says the man who trains the lions, knows them so well, he can identify them by theirs roars! Wow! He's got Katy Perry beat, lol.

Although this video is not exactly what I saw tonight, much of it was the same.

What I did see

Tigers, Elephants, trained dogs, trapeze, tight rope, gymnasts, magic acts, and more!

What would I be, if I could be in a circus? hehehe hmmm I think I would be a trapeze artist because flying through the air would be thrilling. Not in this life of course, lol, but in my imagination. Yeah, flying through the air would be fun!


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