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The Colored Museum Appreciation

Updated on July 7, 2015

The play that I went to today was one of the most thought provoking play that I have seen in a very long time. I didn’t expect for it to be a musical, and to be honest I expected a historical lesson through unentertaining characters dressed in old time clothing. This play was exactly the opposite of my expectations. It had singing, dancing and amazing acting. When the characters were acting, not only did they convey a message through a story line that was interesting, but they also had a caliber about them that allowed the audience member to feel the emotions they were feeling at any given time.

The staging and lighting was very impressive, as the stage rotated between each scene. Also, the wings of the stage weren’t visible, making the story line seem that much more realistic. There weren’t too many scene changes, but that was okay because the scenes that were happening were a little bit longer than in other plays, creating more of a plot with each anecdote and experience for the characters. Although it was a one act play and I would have put an intermission in between some of the scenes, I’m not exactly sure where a good stopping point would have been to put the intermission.

The play itself took place in a very urban setting, and the characters were brought to life by the wonderful actors. You could see the emotions on their face were as real as they could get, and believable in addition to well thought out and well rehearsed. There were a few parts that were sad, but overall the play was very funny.

There were many cultural references all throughout and they all made sense which is always a good thing. This was a good asset of the play for me personally because in the past all of the historical type performances I have gone to were essentially documentaries of historical figures, and the directors must have forgotten to add in the theatrical part of the plays. It kept everyone well entertained and exceeded my expectations for it by a landslide.


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