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The Complete Initial D Episode and Movie Guide

Updated on June 30, 2013

Initial D Background

Initial D is a popular Japanese anime cartoon which started out as a manga series in 1995, featured in Young Magazine. It is about a high-school student who works as a delivery driver for his father's tofu shop, who is introduced to the touge, or mountain road, street racing scene by one of his friends who notices his driving talent. He eventually works his way up the ranks in the scene, battling a wide array of drivers and cars, as well as taking his driving skills to mountain roads away his home turf of Mount Akina.

It eventually turned into the TV series in 1998, spanning four lengthy seasons with a full length animated movie in the mix, known as 'stages'. There has also been two 'Extra Stages' released, which includes previously finished but unseen footage, as well as two 'Battle Stages' which are compilations of previous battles and unreleased footage. They went on to producing a live action movie in 2005.

The Initial D movie poster for the full featured, live-action 2005 movie.
The Initial D movie poster for the full featured, live-action 2005 movie. | Source

If you are already an Initial D fan,

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Initial D Episode List

The list compiled will be in order of original release date in Japan, from oldest to newest. If you find any mistakes, please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to produce the correct information!

The seasons of this show broken up into 'stages', and the episodes will be referred to as 'acts'.

Initial D(normally called First Stage but was originally just titled Initial D)
Act 1: The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift
Act 2: Revenge! The Rumbling Turbo
Act 3: The Downhill Specialist Appears
Act 4: Into The Battle!
Act 5: Dogfight!
Act 6: A New Challenger
Act 7: Pride of a Racer
Act 8: Time's Almost Up!
Act 9: Hachi-Roku(eight-six) Versus GT-R
Act 10: Five Point Hairpin
Act 11: Shingo Arrives!
Act 12: The FR Killer!
Act 13: Itsuki's First Date!
Act 14: Evolving Drift
Act 15: Takumi's Fury!
Act 16: The Angel of Usui
Act 17: Sudden-Death Death Match
Act 18: Hot Winds and Furious Driving
Act 19: Super Drift
Act 20: The End of Summer
Act 21: Challenge From a Super Star
Act 22: Fierce Uphill Battle
Act 23: The Rainy Downhill!
Act 24: Akagi's White Comet
Act 25: The Last Battle
Act 26: A New Downhill Legend

Initial D: Second Stage
Act 1: A New Threat!
Act 2: Team Emperor on Akina
Act 3: The Feeling of Defeat
Act 4: Hollow Victory
Act 5: Countdown to Destruction
Act 6: Goodbye Eight-Six
Act 7: Battle at Akagi
Act 8: Dangerous Car
Act 9: A New Eight-Six Is Born
Act 10: The Eight-Six Turbo
Act 11: The Seal Is Broken
Act 12: Eight-Six Versus Eight-Six
Act 13: Changing Seasons

Initial D: Extra Stage
Act 1: Beyond The Impact Blue
Act 2: Sentimental White

Initial D: Third Stage - The Movie

Initial D: Battle Stage

Initial D: Fourth Stage
Act 1: Project D
Act 2: Full Throttle! Downhill Battle
Act 3: The Most Powerful Man of the Toudou School
Act 4: Two Pieces of Advice
Act 5: The Starting Line to Victory
Act 6: Blind Attack
Act 7: Eight-Five's Thunderous Turbo
Act 8: Fateful Battle of the FDs
Act 9: Kyoko's Confession
Act 10: The Saitama Area's Ultimate Weapon
Act 11: Rainy Downhill Battle
Act 12: Straightaway of Struggles
Act 13: Motivation
Act 14: Sad Lonely Driver
Act 15: 4WD Complex
Act 16: Hillclimb of Fury
Act 17: The Saitama Area's Final Battle
Act 18: Last Drive
Act 19: God Foot and God Arm
Act 20: The Unmatched GT-R!
Act 21: Dogfight
Act 22: The Sorcerer of the Single-Handed Steer
Act 23: Endless Battle
Act 24: The Never-Ending Challenge

Initial D: Battle Stage 2

Initial D: Extra Stage 2

Initial D: Fifth Stage
Act 1: Encounter of Destiny
Act 2: The New Battlefield
Act 3: Dead Line
Act 4: Revenge Battle of Fate
Act 5: Fujiwara Zone
Act 6: Keisuke's Determination
Act 7: Mind of Nothing(Zero)
Act 8: White Devil
Act 9: Shinigami
Act 10: Full Stop
Act 11: Full Stop, Continued...
Act 12: Brothers
Act 13: Unexpected Battle
Act 14: Conclusion! Extreme Hill Climb

That concludes the list of Initial D stages and acts, though I will shortly be producing a page dedicated to looking at the series more in-depth and taking a look at many of the characters and cars you will encounter throughout the series, so look out for that in my grouped hubs very soon!



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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Hey there thanks for sharing... I'm really into and a greatest fan of Initial D.

      Fast Wheels, Engines, Cool drivers, racing is my kinda style. Awesome!!!

    • Angelo Dominic 17 profile image

      Angelo Dominic 17 

      3 years ago

      Thank you so much for sharing this information... :)

      I really love initial d, the fun, heartbreaks and the intense racing stories...


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