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The Cos' Strikes Back: Bill Cosby's Essay to Retain Dignity

Updated on December 15, 2015

Dr. Cosby's on the Wall

A mural of the man
A mural of the man | Source

To Clap Back

Call him “Pill Cosby.” Call him “Bill Rapesby.” Or you can just call him a fighter. Despite the allegations of over 40 women who claim that Dr. Cosby had abused or assaulted them sexually, he has retaliated with a few legal defense moves of his own. He asserts that seven of these women defamed him and tarnished his reputation with vindictive intent. This is a striking contrast to the accusations leveled against him. With the loss of honorary degrees and monies that would have been generated with television show pilots and movies, Dr. Cosby now finds himself swimming against the current. This once proud Black man is now a shell of his former self. From the millions that he made over the decades with TV and film roles to his now besmirched name, Dr. Cosby has battled his way through to defy the odds. His role as Alexander Scott in “I Spy” marked the first time a Black performer would appear in a primetime network drama and garner three Emmy awards. As an educated man, he has executed a calculated move. His decision to clap back at those who have tarnished his legacy shows a man who rebukes the notion of defeat.

The grizzled man
The grizzled man | Source

Fouled Up Beyond All Repair

Seven out of the dozens of women exemplify the war Dr. Cosby has waged to safeguard himself. If anyone can be checked, it’s at least this scant amount. In true claimant fashion, Dr. Cosby has cited emotional distress as a result of these females’ attempts to bring down the man and to halt endeavors in the media. Popularly known as “America’s Dad,” Cosby cast a positive light on the role of being a Black father in the television series “The Cosby Show.” He imbued his character as a obstetrician/gynecologist with sense of wit, charm, and earnestness. Today’s Dr. Cosby grizzled and in defense mode has challenged the words of women with whom he had contact over the decades. His consistent denial of any wrongdoing has polarized his alleged supporters. While some say that Dr. Cosby is a good guy who’s been dealt a bad hand, there exist others who say that Dr. Cosby ought to be tarred and feathered (figuratively, of course). What remains clear is that the damage to his estate, despite his counterclaims, is fouled up beyond all repair. Every time his name is mentioned in newspaper or magazine article or on a television newscast, the public will be reminded of those ugly allegations. So, for Dr. Cosby to return fire on behalf of himself, he has sent a message saying that he won’t be beaten easily.

In His Own Words

Pleas to Cop

The father figure, who over a few decades amassed a multi-million dollar fortune, cannot use his money to fight against the accusations per say. They might cover the lawyers’ fees and other expenses related to the case. But the real harm to his good name has been done. There are no countersuits or any other pleas to cop. In some of the minds of citizens in America and the world, Dr. Cosby is guilty as charged even though he has not been formally found culpable criminally. When the questions stop and the allegations slow, Dr. Cosby will still have to contend with no one but himself.

His shot at redeeming himself might be too late. But at least he is struggling to win. Altogether, the trajectory of Dr. Cosby’s life may reflect the material of one of Shakespeare's finest tragedies. Who knows? There at least might be a play or TV show or film in the making. It might qualify as an excellent piece of art that will showcase the arc of man who achieved greatness and encountered severe accusations which would demolish his career and personal life. From the spectacular success to the public downfall, Dr. Cosby has fought racism and sexism throughout his life. His his latest maneuver remains to be of a man who against the odds will strike back at the attacks on his honor. To protect oneself in the face of great adversity reveals a character who aside from all the accusers has a bit of self-esteem. The strike back serves as a symbol of holding on to values and never letting go.

A Face of Lost Honor

Distorted and dishonored
Distorted and dishonored | Source


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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 

      3 years ago from California, United States of America

      Cosby is what is referred to as an American icon. He is famous as a Dad and comedian, as an actor. He's become a symbol, and he is, in his way, controversial, even before the allegations. My initial response to the allegations was that they were probably not true. The rush of accusations were almost absurd at first look, then became seemingly and unavoidably true when faced with the sheer volume of them. However, upon even further consideration, a person is forced to admit that if a real conspiracy against Cosby were to occur, it is very possible to see that huge of a volume of accusers. A person is then forced to say that he or she really doesn't know the truth. One thing is certain, and you've pointed this out, the so-called scandal is irreversible. For one thing, once someone is accused of a sexual crime, the damage is always immediate and irreversible. Once people have attached the label of sex crime to someone, it never leaves, because of common mores and repressions in that regard; that is to say, we are afraid of sex. It seems important to consider, whether we agree with him or not, that some of his views are unpopular; in other words, some people could be "gunning" for him. Of course, it is because of his views and his expression of those views that he comes off as a total hypocrite, if the allegations are true.

    • Skyler Saunders profile imageAUTHOR

      Skyler Saunders 

      3 years ago from Newark, DE

      Thank you for your interest and evaluation of my article. Yes, I must say that whether or not Mr. Cosby is guilty, he will never recover from these allegations.

      I appreciate your input and welcome future comments.


    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I have no idea if Bill Cosby is guilty or innocent and he certainly isn't one to give up easily. In a way I hope he is guilty, for if not his reputation has been tarnished unfairly. Since I was a child I have been a fan. I collected his cassettes and records of Fat Albert etc and loved I Spy and the Cosby Show. That said if the allegations are true he deserves everything thrown at him. Good article.


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