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The Daily Movie Quote: Escape from New York

Updated on October 8, 2010
Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken in Escape from New York
Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken in Escape from New York

"They sent in their best man, and when we roll across the 59th Street bridge tomorrow, on our way to freedom, we're going to have their best man leading the way - from the neck up!" - The Duke, Escape from New York (1981)

AVCO Embassy Pictures, rated R, 99 minutes.

Directed By: John Carpenter


Kurt Russell - Snake Plissken

Lee Van Clef - Hauk

Ernest Borgnine - Cabbie

Donald Pleasence - President

Isaac Hayes - The Duke

Harry Dean Stanton - Brain

Adrienne Barbeau - Maggie

Domestic Box Office Gross: $25,244,700

Synopsis: In the future, 1997, New York city is a maximum security prison with which the president has been captured. A war hero and now convicted felon must go in and rescue the president within 24 hours to save the world.

Fact: The model of New York city set was used inĀ Blade Runner the following year.

Trivia: Most of the film was shot in St. Louis.

Movie Mistake: Air Force One is filmed flying with the engines back by the tail. When we see the wreckage the engines are under the wings.

My Take: When I was I kid I thought this was the coolest movie ever made. It's been awhile but I imagine that my feelings would be pretty much the same. Snake Plissken is the bad-ass hero you want to see in every action film.

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    • Andy Webb profile image

      Andy Webb 7 years ago

      I actually didn't know that but it doesn't surprise me one little bit and will be another movie I will probably avoid when and if it gets released.

    • Skaditch profile image

      Skaditch 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Did you know they're remaking this film? It's scheduled for release in 2013.

    • Andy Webb profile image

      Andy Webb 7 years ago

      I rewatched this recently and I was disappointed because it didn't stand up to my fond memories of it, in fact it was seriously cheesy in places. But then it was still better than "Escape from L.A."