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The Daily Movie Quote: Ghostbusters

Updated on August 27, 2010
Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are the Ghost Busters
Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are the Ghost Busters

"We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!" - Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghost Busters (1984)

Columbia Pictures, Rated PG, 105 minutes.

Directed By: Ivan Reitman


Bill Murray - Dr. Peter Venkman

Dan Aykroyd - Dr. Raymond Stantz

Harold Ramis: - Dr. Egon Spengler

Ernie Hudson - Winston Zeddmore

Sigourney Weaver - Dana Barrett

Rick Moranis - Louis Tully

Annie Potts - Janine Melnitz

Domestic Box Office Gross: $238,632,124

Synopsis: When three scientists lose their grants, and are kicked out of Columbia University, they start a ghost extraction and termination business. What starts out as a great entrepreneurial venture turns for the worse when the forces of the ancient God Gozer seem to be more than the Ghostbusters can handle.

Fact: Had Ghostbusters had their original desired cast the change in credits would read:

John Belushi - Dr. Peter Venkman

John Candy - Louis Tully

Eddie Murphy - Winston Zeddmore

Sandra Bernhard - Janine Melnitz

Paul Rubens - Gozer

Trivia - Ghostbusters was Larry Kings film debut.

Movie Mistake: The window facing the city in Dana's apartment switches back and forth from day to night during her gate keeper possession scene.

My Take: It appears that there are two lines in this film that have made Premiere Magazines top 100 movie lines and I used neither of them. #68 "Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!" and #19 "Well, there's something you don't see every day.". I always remembered the kick ass quote and use it sparingly to this day. This was a fun movie but I never quite got the mass hysteria that went along with it. Ghostbusters was the highest grossing comedy of all time until Home Alone came along and shattered that record. Like I said, a good movie but not even close to being one of Bill Murrays top five.

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