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The Daily Movie Quote: Rudy

Updated on September 11, 2010
Sean Astin is Rudy
Sean Astin is Rudy

"You're 5 foot nothin', 100 and nothin', and you have barely a speck of athletic ability. And you hung in there with the best college football players in the land for 2 years. And you're gonna walk outta here with a degree from the University of Notre Dame. In this life, you don't have to prove nothin' to nobody but yourself. And after what you've gone through, if you haven't done that by now, it ain't gonna never happen. Now go on back." - Fortune, Rudy (1993)

Tristar Pictures, Rated PG, 114 minutes.

Directed By: David Anspaugh


Sean Astin - Rudy

Jon Favreau - D-Bob

Ned Beatty - Daniel Ruettiger

Charles S. Dutton - Fortune

Lilly Taylor - Sherry

Domestic Box Office Gross: $22,750,363

Synopsis: Replacing his small in stature body with heart and determination, Rudy fights for his dream to play Notre Dame football.

Fact: Rudy is credited with a quarterback sack in his only appearance.

Trivia: In the game that Rudy plays in, the jerseys all have names of cast and crew members. who worked on the film.

Movie Mistake: Rudy's high school shows females in attendance. Joliet Catholic was an all-boys high school until 1990.

My Take: With Joe Montana bagging on the Rudy myth this week, the fact that Notre Dame is playing Michigan as I type this and David Anspaugh and I drink at the same establishment this seemed like a gimmie. The movie is awesome! It's another example of what a person can do when he sets his mind to it. I'm a sucker for stuff like that. Besides, I couldn't bag on this film, even if I wanted to, because I know David!

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