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The Daily Movie Quote: State and Main

Updated on August 27, 2010

"So that happened!" - Bob Barrenger, State and Main (2000)

Filmtown Entertainment, 105 minutes

Directed By: David Mamet


Alec Baldwin - Bob Barrenger

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Joe White

William H. Macy - Walt Price

Sarah Jessica Parker - Claire Wellesley

Charles Durning - Mayor George Bailey

Julia Stiles - Carla

Domestic Box Office Gross: $6,920,692

Synopsis: After being kicked out of another town a Hollywood movie crew takes over a small town in Vermont. A two faced director, a box office superstar who likes underage girls and a neurotic leading actress are just a small sample of the personalities that interact with the locals. This is arguably one of the funniest movies in the past decade.

Fact: The University of Connecticut's Husky Logo is used as The Waterford Huskies logo.

Trivia: The fictional website exists as a white page with the phrase "Go You Huskies" on it.

Movie Mistake: This one was so huge for me that I almost think it was intentional. The original scheduling of the Mayors dinner was written in red, erased and then written in green with no day visible. Later the colors swap as well as their respective days Tuesday and Wednesday.

My Take: This is easily one of my top five favorite comedies of all time! David Mamet is a phenomenal writer/director that was able to put together a talented all-star cast for this film. There is humor in every scene as well as memorable quotes that are to numerous to count. "So that happened!" is a quote that I use at least once a day. If you love movies, the way movies are made and smart comedies then State and Main is the perfect picture. Go You Huskies!

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