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The Daily Movie Quote: The Great Escape

Updated on August 27, 2010
Sir Richard Attenborough and Steve McQueen in The Great Escape
Sir Richard Attenborough and Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

"I haven't seen Berlin yet, from the ground or from the air, and I plan on doing both before the war is over." - Capt. Hilts, The Great Escape (1963)

United Artists, Certified Approved, 172 minutes.

Directed By: John Sturges


Steve McQueen - Capt. Hilts "The Cooler King"

James Garner - Flight Lt. Hendley - "The Scrounger"

Richard Attenborough - Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett "Big X"

James Donald - Group Capt. Ramsey "The SBO"

Charles Bronson - Flight Lt. Danny Velinski "The Tunnel King"

Donald Pleasence - Flight Lt. Colin Blythe "The Forger"

James Coburn - Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick "The Manufacturer"

Domestic Box Office Gross: $11,744,471

Synopsis: WWII American and Brittish prisoners of war attempt to launch the largest military escape in history by tunneling out 250 men in the heart of Germany. The Great Escape is based on a true story.

Fact: The escape took place on March 24th 1944. Steve Mqueens birthday is on March 24th as is mine. What a great day, yes?

Trivia: During the motorcycle scenes Steve Mqueen plays one of the German Riders thus chasing himself.

Movie Mistake: The motorcycle McQueen uses was manufactured in the 60's and the film takes place in the 40's.

My Take: This is one of those daily movie quotes where I go "Hey that's a good one!" then I start it and think to myself 'man I loved this movie, I need to watch it again ASAP!' So that's it in a nutshell this is a fricken great movie and I need to watch it again ASAP!

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