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The Daily Movie Quote: The Love Bug

Updated on September 14, 2010
Dean Jones in The Love Bug
Dean Jones in The Love Bug

"Jim, it's happening right under our noses and we can't see it. We take machines and we stuff 'em with information until they're smarter than we are. Take a car. Most guys spread more love and time and money on their car in a week than they do on their wife and kids in a year. Pretty soon, you know what? The machine starts to think it *is* somebody." - Tennessee Steinmetz, The Love Bug (1968)

Walt Disney Productions, Rated G, 108 minutes.

Directed By: Robert Stevenson


Dean Jones - Jim Douglas

Michele Lee - Carole Bennett

David Tomlinson - Peter Thorndyke

Buddy Hacket - Tennessee Steinmetz

Herbie as himself

Domestic Box Office Gross: $50,576,808

Synopsis: A Volkswagen, Herbie, has a mind of his own and helps a down on his luck race car driver.

Fact: Herbie's number 53 is a tribute to Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale, who shares the same number.

Trivia: Dean Jones kept the only trick Herbie.

Movie Mistake: At the drive in Carole's earrings are on when talking to Jim and off when talking to the hippies.

My Take: I loved this movie when I was a kid. It's one of those movies that brings fond memories when brought up. Watch it with the family, your kids will love it!

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