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The Daily Movie Quote: The Player

Updated on September 25, 2010
Tim Robbins in The Player
Tim Robbins in The Player

"25 words or less? OK, here goes. Movie exec calls writer, writer's girlfriend tells him he's at the movies, exec goes to the movies, meets writer, drinks with writer; writer gets conked and dies in four inches of dirty water. Exec is in deep shit. What do you think?" - Walter Stuckel, The Player (1992)

Fine Line Films, rated R, 124 minutes.

Directed By: Robert Altman


Tim Robbins - Griffin Mill

Greta Scacchi - June Gudmundsdottir

Fred Ward - Walter Stuckel

Whoopi Goldberg - Detective Avery

Peter Gallagher - Larry Levi

Brion James - Joel Levison

Cynthia Stevenson - Bonnie Sherow

Vincent D'Onofrio - David Kahane

Domestic Box Office Gross: $21,706,101

Synopsis: See quote.

Fact: The Player has more Academy Award winning actors in it than any other film in history with 12.

Trivia: Griffin Mill's office interior is the same one used in Barton Fink.

Movie Mistake: David Kahane's head moves after he's killed by Griffin Mill.

My Take: This a great movie for people who love movies, want to be in movies or just learn how Hollywood works. The Player is a very fun film filled with humor, improv and cameos.

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