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The Darjeeling

Updated on July 29, 2011

Andersen's latest film The Darjeeling Limited about three brothers who abandon the miserable elements of their lives so that they can go on enjoying it. I gave it three stars because it seemed this film was more disjointed than his previous ones. However, I am considering moving it up to three and a half stars because I really liked the themes. The movie basically attacks the family, which can be a great institution but can also be incredibly destructive. Though the film never shows the funeral the characters speak about their father's funeral and how their mother did not attend.

This strange event appears to cause a rift between the brothers causing them to lie and steal from one another. Eventually, they visit their mother who first tells them not to visit, and once her sons are there she leaves the next morning. It is at this point the brothers decide to stop being concerned with their mother because she doesn't care about them, and they decide to forget about their father's funeral because the absence of their mother has been addressed. One of the great symbolic elements of the film is the father's luggage. The father has this personalized luggage that the brothers carry with them everywhere on their spiritual journey, but when running to board the last train they drop their luggage in order to run faster and get on board.

Finally, I would like to briefly review this Internet show on crackle called Mr. Deity. Crackle is the same website that shows Penn Jillette's Internet show entitled Penn Says. Mr. Deity is a comedy that pokes fun at religion and God; however, I think it goes about it in an interesting way. Many times when comedy pokes fun at God it is done offensively, which I have no problem with. However, I also do enjoy a more light hearted take on the subject, which is the way Mr. Deity goes about it. Mr. Deity doesn't try to call people idiots for believing in God, which is true and fine to say, but Mr. Deity causes someone to laugh and then question why would a God do certain things. For example the first episode is about Mr. Deity deciding what he will and will not allow to happen on earth. He decides people can't hurt one another with just their thoughts but then he allows holocausts, torture, down syndrome, natural disasters, and Lou Gerick's Disease.

One more piece of information. I watched the first episode of the HBO miniseries entitled John Adams. I have to admit I am skeptical about the program. I understand it is trying to show some of the vicious acts the American revolutionaries committed. For example, like tar and feathering innocent men. However, it would be a real drag if the whole program was about all the vicious acts of the revolutionaries and nothing about their incredibly virtuous actions, or the incredibly vicious acts of the British Empire. It would be like one more step down that road of political correctness, which is not politically correct in most cases because it just chooses something new to make look really bad.


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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      The first two episodea of John Adams were great. The rest of it was not very good.

      Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and Useful.” I'm alwasy your fan! RJ

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