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The Death Of Marilyn Monroe?

Updated on October 24, 2014

Marilyn Monroe


The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles on June 1st 1926, she was called Norma Jeane Mortenson (baptized Norma Jane Baker), but later adapted the stage name Marilyn Monroe.

After spending much of her childhood in foster homes she began modelling and was on the front cover of the first issue of playboy, she soon started her acting career which saw her star in many films such as All about Eve, Gentlemen prefer Blondes and Some like it Hot. She also had a singing career.

The last few years of Marilyn's life were marked with illness, personal problems, substance abuse and a reputation for being difficuilt to live with. She died in 1962 aged just 36, and her death was recorded as suicide, although there was many theories about her death including accidental overdose, and the most talked about homicide which has never actually been ruled out.

Marilyn Monroe was voted the sixth greatest female star of all time in 1999, and has been an Idol and Pop Icon ever since her death.

Even today people still wonder if Marilyn Monroe really took her own life?

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."

— Marilyn Monroe

Did Marilyn Monroe Take Her Own Life?

According to Chuck Giancana, (the brother of crime boss Sam Giancana) Marilyn Monroe died from a doctored suppository, this was considered safe as it left no needle marks and there would be nothing in her stomach for paramedics to pump out.

Chuck revealed this in his book Double Cross in 1992. Apparently Marilyn was dangled as bait by the CIA to set up world leaders for blackmail. Meanwhile Joseph Schenck, who had Maffia connections and was the creater of 20th Century Pictures, became obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and played a key role in promoting her career.

The Theory

In November 1961, Marilyn met President John F Kennedy at this brother in laws home in Santa Monica. She was later apparently romantically involved with President John F Kennedy, then in 1962 she fell for his brother Robert Kennedy. Marilyn became distraught at the way the brother's passed her back and forth between themselves and by July 1962 just one month before her death, Marilyn was threatening to blow the lid on their set up.

Marilyn now posed a threat to both the CIA and the Mob, and the CIA contacted Giancana to have her eliminated. They scheduled the hit to coincide with Robert Kennedys visit to California scheduled for the weekend of 4th August.

On the night of the 4th, Needles Gianola and Mugsy Tortorella were stood outside Marilyn's Brentwood home on electronic surveillance. They saw Robert Kennedy call round, accompanied by another man and heard Marilyn become hysterical.

Robert Kennedy instructed his friend a doctor, to give Marilyn a shot to calm her down, when they left, the killers apparently entered her house, taped Marilyn's mouth and inserted the suppository into her anus. Her unconscious body was placed on her bed, then the tape was removed and her mouth wiped clean.

Marilyn died, and Giancana hoped that Robert Kennedy would be implicated as the last man to see her alive. But over the wiretaps both Needles and Mugsy heard the cover-up get underway and alerted the President to Marilyns death, who then mobilised a team of FBI Agents, oredering Detective Fred Otash to sweep the place clean, and so Marilyns death was passed of to the world as a suicide.

Many have since said that the Mob had Marilyn killed as a favour to the Kennedys, as part of their mutual support over Cuba. incidentally backing for the rival theory of suicide comes from FBI Agent William Roemer, who bugged Giancana's headquarters and learned that Marilyn was depressed about the events of the previous weekend at the Cal-Neva Casino where she had been bedded and humiliated by both Giancana and Frank Sinatra in an orgy, and after already being passed back and forth between the Kennedy brothers she must have found the whole thing upsetting.

The Giancana Murder Scenario that later came to light was very compatible with many of the known facts, not least the purpleish discolouration of Marilyn's colon noted on her autopsy, The Los Angeles Chief of Police, William Parker, who was also a good friend of Robert Kennedy, had the death labelled as suicide from the start, allocating the death to the suicide investigation squad.

After five days with her studio's active co-operation, Parker closed the case and all but thirty pages of the 723 page report into Marilyn's death was destroyed. A cover up was beyond doubt, but what was being covered up is still not really clear.

The problem with Marilyn's death is her inconclusive autopsy, She died of a Nembutal overdose, with 4.5 percent barbiturates in her blood, yet preliminary examination showed her Kidneys were clean, suggesting her stomach was also free of drugs, which means she couldn't have taken by mouth the drugs she supposedly swallowed.

At the time of the autopsy, Dr Thomas Noguchi ordered microscopic analysis of tissue from Marilyn's small intestine, and requested further tests on her Liver, Kidneys, and stomach, but the tests were never preformed as Marilyns organs were 'Accidentally' destroyed.

The exact time of Marilyn's death is also suspect, rather than being found at 3.30am on the 5th August 1962, she may have been discovered comatose at 11.30pm the previous night, Walter Schaefer, owner of the local ambulance service, maintains that the star was still alive when his ambulance men arrived just before midnight, according to him she was driven to the hospital and then returned home after death, allowing time for a 'clean up' before her official discovery, and when Sergeant Jack Clemmons arrived at 4.30am rigor mortis had already set in.

Marilyn's housekeeper, Eunice Murray said "I don't know why i didn't call the police until 3.30am,"

The original suicide theory is hard to believe, as to achieve her blood level of barbiturates, Marilyn would have had to swallow between 75 to 90 capsules, a nightmare for someone who hated taking tablets, especially without water as there was no glass by her bedside, and the water in her bathroom was turned off due to plumbing work, in any case Marilyn did not have enough pills anyway as she was down to 22 Nembutals on the morning of the 4th August and had no hidden reserves.

A week before Marilyn's death, her housekeeper had searched her house for a secret stash, and in the days before her death Marilyn had unsuccessfuly tried to borrow from friends. Psychologically, many people close to the star had said she was on good form the days running up to her death, and Marilyn's psychologist Dr Ralph Greenson, said Suicide was just not an option in Marilyn's case.

Fox Productions Chief who was also one of the last people to talk to Marilyn said "We had just hired her back at a salary of half a million dollars, and she was ecstatic."

The crime scene didn't look right either as Marilyn had a strict bedtime routine, always sleeping in a fresh brassiere with earplugs and eye mask, in a darkened room with the curtains closed, yet she was discovered naked with the curtains open and the lights on.

So the whole thing looked like murder either by injection or enema, Noguchi detected no needle marks on her body, but medical records show that Marilyn had received two jabs in the week before her death so Noguchi's examination was untrue, and anyway punctures made by small surgical needles can disappear within a few hours, however Noguchi did find evidence which indicated violence just before her death, he found bruising on her lower back areas and fresh bruises on her arms.

Do you think Marilyn Monroe Committed Suicide?

See results

Marilyn Monroe & the Kennedy's

A key factor concealed from the public was Marilyn's association with Robert Kennedy, it is still denied that he was at her home the night of her death, but the helicopter company that flew kennedy out of the area still have the flight records of the transfer.

The day of Marilyn's death, the FBI pulled general telephone records of her frequent calls to Kennedy at the justice department in washington, the papers were recovered years after her death from a homicide detective's garage.

One of the last people Marilyn called before her death was President John F Kennedy. Unfortunately for Marilyn, she posed a serious threat to the political stability of the united states, just like her scatty screen persona, she was always in a muddle off the screens too.

Robert Kennedy once snapped at her "How can we carry on a conversation about current events if you can't remember the details," so Marilyn began to keep a diary full of Bobby said this, and Bobby said that, and one of the things Bobby said was that the CIA had hired the Maffia to kill Castro which was the administration's deepest secret, and that itself was enough to have Marilyn killed before she started telling people.

Also there was the tapes, the Mob was using Marilyn to provide compromising evidence on the Kennedy Brothers, the hollywood detective Fred Otash was allegedly paid indirectly by the Maffia to install eavesdropping equipment at Marilyn's home, apparently he recorded exotic love scenes with the president, and also discussions of state secrets, in addition to this the FBI had been bugging the house for nearly a year during the year that the President regularly bedded Marilyn there.

So the theory is that Marilyn threatened to expose the President and his brother.

On the evening of the 4th August 1962, Robert Kennedy then made a visit to her home, they rowed and Marilyn was given a sedative, Robert returned to his Brother's house to find Marilyn ranting on the telephone, probably threatening to call a press conference.

The Kennedy's knew what they had said and done, and also knew about the notes and the tapes, so later that evening someone else paid a visit to Marilyn, and on behalf of the President of the United States and the Attorney General they killed her.

This is just a popular theory, I guess we will never truly know what happened to Marilyn Monroe or the events that took place on that fateful night.

On August 8th 1962 Marilyn was interred in a crypt at corridor of memories #24, and the crypt space to the left of her was bought and reserved by Hugh Hefner in 1992.

Marilyn Monroe Sings Happy Birthday Mr President (@IJustWantToBeWonderful)


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      31. Sinatra, very angry at Lawford, who, according to him, hadn't been able to give him

      this opportunity to welcome the Pres at his home which he had fix for special event.

      32,Marilyn Monroe went to Florida visit Joe Di maggio left miami and she also

      received some phone calls from Joe DiMaggio, infact Joe Sister and niece claim

      that on day that Marilyn Monroe died (marilyn called them told something bad happening

      but they were afraid to say anything about it ) they went with Joe to bring a pizza to her

      and the next day they went back to get the pizza pan back .

      33.Monday, February 12 : Eunice Murray left Los Angeles ; she had asked

      Marilyn a several hundred of dollars advance on her salary. She went to Mexico City

      , to visit her brother-in-law, Churchill Murray (brother of her ex-husband John Murray)

      and producer of English radio programs. She was waiting for Marilyn's visit for the

      shopping they had to do together.It was Dr Greenson who had decided that Eunice

      Murray would accompany Marilyn.Marilyn received the last version of the

      "Something's Got to Give" screenplay, written by Nunnally Johnson, and read it

      very carefully along with Paula Strasberg.Greenson advised her to have a few days

      off before the shooting of "Something’s Got to Give", for instance in Mexico where she

      could rest and find some furniture for her new house. During her absence,

      Norman Jefferies, Eunice Murray's son-in-law, and his brother Keith, would

      start the refurbishment work 12305 Fifth Helena Drive Los Angeles.

      34.Joe DiMaggio gave Marilyn money to go shopping for things for her new home.

      Joe DiMaggio wanted Marilyn Monroe to be his demure housewife during movie 7yr

      itch ,Joe DiMaggio beat marilyn up but he claim he is changed man ask her to

      remarry him but Marilyn probarbly felt have better future if they never remarried.

      So did JiltedJoe feel happy when she finally told him no?If he couldnt have her than

      no man can have her ? Joe last words before he died ,now i will see marilyn ?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      there is more ...21.Monday, January 8 : she heard about Frank Sinatra and Juliet Prowse's engagement.

      but it must not of been serious cause it never happened and sinatra was a party man .

      22.Eunice Murray found a house, a Mexican hacienda style, located 12305 Fifth Helena Drive

      23,Wednesday, January 10 : Marilyn called Joe DiMaggio and asked him to come

      (marilyn living Doheny drive still )and visit the house she had loved at first sight.

      24.He arrived on Thursday, January 11, made a visit and gave her his agreement

      and Joe DiMaggio help Marilyn Monroe with the financial arrangements so that she

      can move out of Doheny Drive that Frank Sinatra own the apartment building.

      25.Friday, January 12 : Milton Rudin made a 52 500$ offer to the realtor.

      26.The house had been put on sale by Mr and Mrs Pagen, for the sum of 69 000$.

      A 5 750$ deposit (5 000$ from Joe DiMaggio, 750$ from Marilyn herself) was put

      on Monday, January 29.The sale would be finalized on Thursday, February 8,

      the day she started to move in.from 882 Doheny Drive apartment building.

      27.Because of financial issues , the bank would establish a new payments schedule

      in late June 1962. Just before purchasing the house, Marilyn has spent 25 000$ for

      redecorating and refurnishing the Dohney Drive apartment.(which own Sinatra )

      28Tuesday, January 16 : the Fox announced that the shooting was postponed to

      Thursday, March 15.

      29.Saturday, January 20, she met poet Carl Sandburg who co-wrote a screenplay in Los Angeles.

      30.President Kennedy planned a political trip in California, in March.

      Peter Lawford, the President's brother-in-law, asked Frank Sinatra if, on this

      occasion, John Kennedy could come to his home in Palm Springs. Sinatra

      agreed and started some work (for the sum of 500 000$), to change his Palm Spring

      so that Pres would stay there but the _ didnt but stay at bings home instead which

      made Sinatra very angry at _ but J E H had told them that Sinatra was Giancana man.

    • profile image


      3 years ago


      1.Roemer said Giancana was cal Neva Lodge July27-29 1962.

      2.Sinatra Lawyer Rudin Milton became MarilyMonroe lawyer.

      3.Sinatra Owned apt Building Marilyn Lived 882 DohenyDrive.(marilyn lived)

      4.SinatraLawyer called Joe Di maggio to do Marilyn Funeral.

      5.Sinatra and DImaggio own same house 6735 yucca St Los Angeles.

      6Sinatra and Di Maggio did the Wrong-Door Raid, it occurred in the late

      night hours of November 5th, 1954,with pals of the men that went wrong apt.

      8112 Warning Avenue Los Angeles. (court case ).

      7.SinatraLawyer Rudin Milton brotherInlaw DrRalphGreenson became Marilyn doctor.

      8.Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn a Red Diary to she could keep journal.

      9.Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn File Cabinets to keep important things in order.

      10.Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn a DOG then she died Stuff dog yard calling Card?

      11.Marilyn spent Last weekend July27-29 1962 at Cal Neva cause Frank want her?

      12.Jacobs Sinatra valet chaufeur said Sinatra angry Marilyn kick out cal neva ?

      13.all kinds of Strange Things happend at Cal Neva Lodge cop/showgirl got hurt ?

      14.Dean Martin said in 1960s everyone was doing drugs & alcohol ?

      15.Owners of cal Neva 1.Dean Martin 2.Frank Sinatra 3.SamGiancana 4.Mafia

      16.Managers of cal Neva Lodge 1.Paul Skinny D Amato infamous 500Club Newjersey.

      17.Amato put Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin together 500Club NewJersey.

      18.Frank Sinatra Jerry Lewis &others sang to mafia,SamGiancana Fontainbleau?

      19.Frank Sinatra & Rat Pack sang Chicago IL at vilaVenice &paree Clubs.

      20.Frank Sinatra pass his party girl Judith Campbell Exner to party with JohnnyRoselli,

      Sam Giancana & Jeannie Carmen was another party girl of the mole club she even

      claims that Johnny Roselli pick up hijacking brought to Nevada & Roselli used her

      as a Hussler to get money out of men & Roselli JeannieCarmen partied off -on in

      Los Angeles she even makes claim that even marilyn Monroe knew JohnnyRoselli ,

      that reason Jeannie carmen left los angeles cause she knew Mafia had did it ,so

      she left to go Scottsdale Ariz to live a new life whereas Judith Campbell stay with

      JohnnyRoselli ask him to protect her so that what happend to Marilyn wont happen to her?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Mr James Jesus Angleton a CIA Counterintelligence fascist and the surviving victim of bay of pig fiasco orchestrated the murders of both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen. He was subsequently made to resign for the excesses he committed over his victims. Marilyn was killed because she came to know the details of the bizzare JFK murder plan and Dorothy was killed because she found out who all were involved in JfK murder. Marilyn was killed by the Chicago mob with the poisonous suppository supplied by the CIA fascist group in California. She was killed at around 10.30 pm on 4/8/62 i.e. immediately after RFK left her residence but before her housekeeper and her soninlaw return from the neighbourhood. The idea was to implicate Kennedys in Marilyn's murder and ensure fall of JFK Govt. However RFK succeeded in staging the murder as suicide and avoiding the fall of Govt. RFK was not a fool who if involved in Marilyn's murder will keep himself present at the murder scene.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      and don't forget about the cop that stoped a car for speeding at around 10pm, that night, i reckon the three ocupants of that car killed marilyn and were making a run for it, and we all no who they were. i think of him as someone who got in way of the perfect crime

    • profile image

      Ron James Tortorella 

      7 years ago

      looking for family of "mugsy" Tortorella

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Marilyn was killed by the same forces which killed JFK, RFK, John Kennedy, Dorothy Kilgallen and dozens of the witnesses of JFK murder plot. She was killed because she came to know the details of JFK murder plot. They had to kill her before the Kennedys are warned by her in this respect. Refer Wikipadia and see the similarities between the murders of Marilyn and Dorothy Kilgallen.

    • Teresa Coppens profile image

      Teresa Coppens 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I also love true crime and conspiracy theories. I have always found this case interesting. So many twists and turns and interesting and famous characters involved. Very interesting read!

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you for your comments. @Amscia, yes many people suspect CIA.FBI for killing Marilyn as she was rumoured to know things that she perhaps shouldn't but i guess we will never know now.

      @Alastar, yes i have also wrote an article on her diaries and the UFO conspiracy theory

      Pleased you found the article interesting, thanks for stopping by :)

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Yep- great article on the death of Marilyn- you've done the conspiracy possibility research very well zoey24. What was it Lawford? said "She took one last good enema"- have you heard about her missing diaries from the house or the speculation she was going to the press with UFO info?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I liked Cheripie's comments. Marilyn was my most favourite actress. Recently after retirement when I read her bio and other details on web I experienced considerable pain. I was shocked to read all those lies including Kennedy connections which have been mentioned on web by those biographers and opportunists. She was very unlucky in that she was surrounded by all selfish people who did not want to help her and instead only use her for their advantage.Thinking that she had no parents or other close relations to guide her in her trying times I remembered my parents and had tears in my eyes. Though Cheripie does not reveal the identity I have always suspected CIA/FBI for killing her. But I still don't know the secret information she knew because of which she had to be killed.

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you amymarie, I don't believe it was a suicide but i guess we will never know the real truth, i am pleased you enjoyed reading it :)

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      Amy DeMarco 

      8 years ago from Chicago

      This is a great hub filled with so much information I never knew. It's heartbreaking how she allowed so many men to use and abuse her. My best friend has always insisted the kenedeys had her murdered. I never thought much of it until reading this article. The murder theory makes sense and it's a shame that her death was ruled a suicide despite all the conflicting info from the autopsy. Thanks for sharing this article. Voted up. :)

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you Cheriepie, I understand what you're saying. Have you thought about writing a hub on Marilyn? after studying her for eighteen years you could write about you're findings. I will definitely be reading some of the books you suggested :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Zoey, I know you have no intention of being disrespectful, and have no ill will or maliciousness. There are so many lies about Marilyn that get repeated so often that the public accepts it as truth- whether be on the internet, in papers, or in books- and it's very difficult to separate what's true and what isn't. It's taken me studying her for 18 years to be able to spot the BS about her.

      Please read some good and trustworthy info on Monroe. Try the Spoto book I mentioned, also books by James Haspiel and Michelle Morgan. Marilyn deserves to have the truth told about her, and she is so much more than just her death.


    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you for you're comment Cheriepie, i was not citing Giancana as i have never even read his book. All the information that is in my hub is from wilkipedia, Marilyn Monroe websites and old newspaper reports i found from googling the death of Marilyn Monroe. I have always found Marilyn Monroe to be an icon and her story very interesting which is why i researched her for this hub. No one will ever know the full truth of what happened but the information in this hub is what i found in my research, and i certainly never wrote it to be disrespectful.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm afraid you've posted a lot of misinformation and untruths about Marilyn. You are citing a book by Giancana that is full of lies and unsubstantiated claims and has been widely derided as an utter fabrication by scholars of Monroe.

      Marilyn did not meet JFK until 1961, not 1960, and extensive documentation and accounts from credible people can only put them in the same place at the same time on exactly two occasions. One was at a party at Bing Crosby's house in Palm Springs, where a one night stand may have occurred. The other is the night of the Birthday Gala, where she was never alone with either Kennedy brother. Her activities of that evening are well documented.

      Robert Kennedy was not present at her home on August 4th. The activities of that day are well documented, and no one of any credibility asserts that he was present. Fred Otash is a known liar and has never been able to produce these 'tapes'. The account of her weekend at the Cal Neva lodge is also utter fabrication, as it never happened. William Parker didn't label Marilyn's death a suicide, that was Theodore Curphey, the chief coroner.

      Walter Schaefer's ambulance story has been utterly and thoroughly proven a lie because crime scene photos prove absolutely and conclusively that Marilyn's time of death was between 9-11 pm the night before. Therefore he claims that she was in his ambulance when she was already dead. This also contradicts the claims of Giancana, who says he killed her around midnight.

      The crime scene photos show lividity on Monroe's back- lividity is the pooling of blood in the lowest points of a body after death. It becomes permanent after at least 6-8 hours after death. As the photos were taken around 5 am, this conclusively places her time of death much earlier the night before. She was also in rigor mortis at 7 am- full rigor takes at least 8-10 hours to set in, again forensically disproving their accounts.

      Jack Clemmons arrived at 4:10 am, not 4:30.

      Marilyn's housekeeper never 'searched for a hidden stash', can you please cite where you found that information? Marilyn also never tried to 'borrow pills from friends', she had two prescriptions for 40 and 50 pills respectively, filled within six days of her death.

      Marilyn had signed a million dollar contract, not a half a million dollar one.

      She did not have bruises on her arms. There was one bruise noted on her hip in the autopsy report.

      There are no helicopter records of RFK being in the area.

      There were no records of her phone calls found in a garage. The phone records of the night of her death have been sealed and classified since then. The last person she spoke to was not JFK, it was Joe Dimaggio Jr. She spoke to him from 7 to 7:15 pm. This can be verified by multiple people.

      Again, Otash did not record any tapes of Marilyn and JFK at her home 'for almost a year', considering she only lived in her home for a few months and examination of both Monroe's and JFK's extensive schedule documents proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were never in the same place. There are detailed records of their days, from multiple sources, showing where they were down to the hour.

      The 'red diary' is an absolute lie and fabrication started by known con man Robert Slatzer in his 1974 book. This is a man who made a career out of claiming to have been secretly married to Monroe despite overwhelming evidence that proves otherwise. He paid people off to colloborate his stories, and when told his claims weren't going to get his book published he made even more outlandish ones about the Kennedys. The only other people who backed up the 'red diary' story are Lionel Grandison, who was paid by Slatzer to do so, and Jeanne Carmen- someone else who never even met Monroe but made a career out of pretending to have been her best friend despite none of Marilyn's actual friends ever having heard of her. Marilyn's actual friends and colleagues, people of credibility, have all stated that the 'red diary' was an absolute lie.

      The 'press conference' to 'expose' the Kennedy's is yet another Slatzer lie. Anyone familiar with Marilyn will attest that she would never have done such a thing. She was not a vengeful person, she was known for never speaking ill of anyone (not even her ex husbands) and the fact is that this press conference story was fabricated by a man that is a known liar.

      The Giancana book you are citing is utter garbage. Not only does it say things that are completely not in alignment with irrefutable forensic evidence, it also makes the outlandish claim that Giancana orchestrated Marilyn's entire career.

      You are doing Marilyn a great disservice by repeating lies and the opportunistic fabrications made up by con men. It is completely disrespectful to her to continue to repeat things that not only have no evidence to back them up but are easily disproven as lies by anyone who bothers to seek the truth. Giancana never even MET Marilyn Monroe. He falls into the category of all the other liars who never knew her but make money off exploiting her, and anyone who repeats their lies is just as guilty of disrespecting Marilyn as they are.

      Of course I know Marilyn was murdered- I have proof of that too. However, it was not the Kennedy's and it was not the Mafia. Do yourself a favor and go read some books on Marilyn by CREDIBLE people who have ACTUAL evidence to back up what they're saying. If I were you I'd start with Marilyn Monroe: The Biography by Donald Spoto. His research is meticulous and well documented, and his book stands above all others as being factual with evidence to back up his claims. As for Giancana and Double Cross, use it as a doorstop or a firelog. It's garbage.

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you for your comments Chris and Ralph, it is very sad that Marilyn died because of her association with these people.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is the most convincing rendition of her death I have heard so far, except for the two Mafia guys on dispatch. Why would they inform Kennedy? Why wasn't it them who whacked her? Why should there be any other unknown killers, who did the dirty job? The Mafia was trying to frame Bob Kennedy and put the blame on him.

      It is also claimed that the head of the Secret Service decided to clip her for his bosses own good (without Robert Kennedy's knowledge).

      Marilyn could still be alive today, if she had been dealing more subtley with the situation.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I believe that this scenario is spot on. Poor Marilyn.

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you Kyriana, glad you enjoyed it, i agree, i don't think it was a suicide, and it is most likely that it had something to do with the Kennedy's.

    • Kyriana profile image


      8 years ago from Midwest US

      Great hub zoey. I've read and watched much of the coverage about her death and the accidental overdose always seemed a bit far fetched. I thought Peter Lawford was there that night with Bobby. It always seemed pretty apparent that they Kennedy boys talked to her about things that if she shared would be a problem for them. Her definite lack of indiscretion was definitely a problem for two men from what was to have been a political dynasty.

      The truth will never fully be known but I think most people know the 'official' story isn't accurate. Thanks for the great read!

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you for your comment Yankeeintexas, I always thought Marilyn commited suicide until i read a book my parents had, i found it all really interseting but sad too.

    • yankeeintexas profile image


      8 years ago from Lubbock, Texas

      Very interesting! The sad thing is that most of the witnesses are dead, and they did not keep evidence the way they do today. this may truly never be solved!


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