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The Devastating Loss of Michael Jackson

Updated on June 27, 2009
Born a beautiful, adorable kid... turned himself into someone that looks like they're from the Planet of the Apes
Born a beautiful, adorable kid... turned himself into someone that looks like they're from the Planet of the Apes
He still looked human and very handsome here...
He still looked human and very handsome here...

 The loss of Michael Jackson happened long before Thursday, June 25, 2009.  Sadly, it began as soon as he broke from the Jackson Five and went solo.  For some reason, he didn't see himself as the wonderful talent that the world envisioned him as.  He didn't feel the love that we as a nation and the entertainment world felt for him.  He was depressed and paranoid and inwardly childlike; perhaps because he never really had a healthy childhood. 

As an adult, Michael seemed to suffer from the Peter Pan Syndrome of never wanting to grow up.  Here is a man that called his estate Neverland and exuded the thoughts of children in every aspect of Neverland's complex.  Rides, animals, candy, etc., everything that would keep children happy and feeling as if their time as little ones would never end.

Michael was a generous person.  He gave much to millions of people; including children.  I personally don't know what to believe about the scandal he faced about his alleged child abuse.  I would like to believe that he was truly naive and innocent and his actions truly came out of his want to remain a child.  His depression however was very apparent.  The constant changes in his appearance.  The want to change his coloring.  The application of makeup and the straightening of his hair.  Keeping his body super thin, as if his hormones were no longer working in his body to form a mans physique.

He was born beautiful to an authoritative father who was abusive.  His music and his talent were his escape but also his road to his destruction.  Michael was living proof that money cannot buy happiness.  His music was magic as was his dancing.  His talent could not be matched.  Unfortunately, he became a joke to many through the years because of the outward destruction of his appearance.  People stopped listening to him and began to look at this entertainer collapse before our eyes.

He still looked like a human until the late 80's and early 90's.  Then, he could find nothing satifying about himself.  He continued to sabotage his career by sabotaging his human form.  Engaging in chronically, depressive and unusual behaviors in public.  Locking himself away from the public at times in his little wonderland.  Now, it appears that he was also a victim of drug use; legally given to him by so called professionals.  What poor Michael needed was a chance to learn to love himself.  Medicating oneself only covers the pain like a bandaid.  Anyone suffering from abuse; physical or mental knows that the horrors will one day surface and show themselves; through over eating, suicide, dangerous behaviors or like Michael, destruction of oneself in front of the world.  What a loss to the music industry, his children, those who loved him and all of us who were touched by his music in one way or another.

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009.  Unfortunately, he had been dying long before this day, and those closest to him sat and watched him self destruct and I'm sure felt helpless.  With someone of his magnitude it wouldn't have been easy to take control of this man's life and force him to look at the true issues that haunted him his entire life.  I only hope that his children were able to see beyond their father's odd behaviors and appearance and catch a glimpse of the special person I am sure he was.

His talent will forever affect the world.  How sad that the outpouring of support had to come after his death.


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    • profile image

      Jean 8 years ago

      I dont think that he looked bad. He could have stopped after the first nose job though. If we all had his kind of money and we were part of the entertainment business where the way we look is such a big deal, would we not all do the same thing? Everyone in hollywood has multiple plastic surgery for god sake. He also had vitilago (or however you spell it) and what is the diference if he put dark makeup on or bleached the dark areas white. He did nothing that wrong.He was awsome. Thats why we cant let him go. Thats why we continue to talk about him. RIP King of Pop. Miss you.

    • profile image

      Vamma 8 years ago

      He had an energy that just attracted people. He was a devastating loss. He was wonderful.

    • ljrc1961 profile image

      Laura Cole 8 years ago from Michigan

      thanks Celistina; I think we will all find out what a crazy, mixed up life he actually let

    • celistina profile image

      celistina 8 years ago

      This is a very well-written hub. I'm neutral towards Michael Jackson but I recognize his amazing talents as a musician and a performer. It's a great loss to the music world on his death, but as you have astutely pointed out, the loss had actually began before his physically death.