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The Disaster Artist Movie Review - Far From Disaster

Updated on April 1, 2018
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Vikas has a passion for movies and likes to review them on his blog. In his free time, he likes to analyse some brain teasing films.

First of all, it's not necessary to watch The Room to understand this movie entirely, but it will be okay to view it as then you will fully appreciate the authenticity and hard work that is put in this film to recreate scenes from The Room. This movie tells an incredible story of friendship, aspirations and fulfilling your dreams and desires. Of course, Tommy Wiseau didn't have the same vision as the audience today or at that time interpreted while watching The Room. It was meant to be a film taken seriously, and Tommy wanted the audience to see the movie through his vision, but we know it didn't all come down that way. The Room has gained a cult following, and it still has midnight screenings around the world. While The Room is considered one of the worst film ever made, The Disaster Artist is the best film you will see, and I appreciate the makers who put in a lot of work to recreate the "magic" of The Room and give us this fantastic film. I seriously had no issues with the film. The pacing, the story, the characters, direction everything was perfect.

Coming to the performances, James Franco as Tommy Wiseau is the highlight of the film. He does look like Wiseau and gives his best performance on screen. Dave Franco as Mark is also fantastic in this film. In fact, the whole casting is done so correctly that it seems we are watching the same characters that we saw in The Room. They look almost identical to the original cast, and that is why I feel that this film is very authentic in its approach. Really it's a great work by James Franco as he slips in his character and masterfully directs the film.

The Disaster Artist is one hell of a buddy film which will make you laugh, cry and move you with its impactful performances. Undoubtedly a movie that is recommended by me. Watch this one even if you haven't seen The Room. The fans of the Wiseau film will surely enjoy this one more as they will be familiar with the scenes but still, if you haven't watched it, go to the theatres for this one. You will become a fan of this film. There is an end credit scene here so don't leave the theatre as the credits start rolling.

Rating - 5/5


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