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The Event -- Apocalypse Now

Updated on May 23, 2011

Can Anything Stop The Event?

Last week NBC cancelled The Event. TV Guide has been rooting for that event since The Event came back and didn't give it any kind of press. Fans that wanted to happen ASAP sneered at the show as a waste of time. Other fans found it wanting because it wasn't the new LOST. I'm sorry, but no show should aspire to be LOST with the way that show self-destructed in the end. It's a shame, because The Event looks a lot better than a lot of the news shows NBC has on. The only mystery is why NBC is still billing The Event's final episode tonight as the season finale. It is, in fact, the series finale.

The episode opens on Sophia walking through a post-apocalypse town where bodies litter the ground. A little girl is still alive in a car. Blood is coming from her nose as she begs for Sophia to help her. She eventually starts screaming this is all Sophia's fault. Sophia awakes from her nightmare, that she's still intent of making into a reality.

Sophia learns that in two weeks the virus will have killed 25% of the Earth's population. In five weeks 98% of the population will be dead. Her dream seems to have brought what left of the old Sophia back for a moment. She says what they're doing goes against everything they stand for. Dr. Liu tells Sophia's the humans would do the same to them given the chance. Sophia agrees it's a matter of their own survival. She details her plan to unleash her worldwide pandemic.

With the human races extinction well on the way, Sophia concentrates on bringing her people there. They need not to be detected until all their people have arrived, so Sophia calls her puppet, Jarvis,  to once again help her on her way. The fool still believes Sophia isn't going to harm U.S. citizens so he does what she wants. 

Jarvis goes sniffing around the hospital to find out how Elias is doing. Unfortunately for him, Elias' is getting better. The fool also thinks Christina is still fooled by him even though he knows she tricked him and gave Elias the antidote. Christina doesn't beat around the bush. She slaps the vile little rodent and tells him he's a coward and that she knows he tried to kill her husband and that she was going to tell his wife and kids what he really is.

Sean and Vicky follow the address Sophia's man had on him and meet up with Blake and Simon. Sean fills them in on just what Sophia is planning. Sean uses his hacking abilities to figure out where Sophia's headquarters are. Meanwhile, Dr. Liu tells Leila that they were here on Earth first, and they're just taking back what belongs to them. Sophia sees that Leila is suffering and orders Dr. Lui to put her out of her misery.

After giving her people the order to begin spreading the virus throughout several areas, she says to mourn the dead. They have to do this, because it's a matter of their own survival.

Elias regains consciousness and gets up to speed on what's going on. When he goes to the White House he discovers that Jarvis isn't going to go easy. He intends to try and prove Elias is too incompetent to be president. Unfortunately, his stalling tactics will insure Sophia's plans to eradicate mankind are a success.

Sean finds Leila, who tells him she's been infected with the disease. Sean refuses to give up hope that she'll survive, while Leila asks Sean to stop Sophia for her. Meanwhile, Simon plays hardballs with Dr. Liu to get the password to the computer that holds Sophia's plan to spread the virus. They find so much information they're not sure which plan she's implimenting.


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