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The Event -- On The Eve Of Our Destruction

Updated on May 4, 2011

Can Anything Stop Sophia?

It doesn't seem so, as she becomes more and more like Thomas, in her quest to rid the world of the ants known as the human race. When she hears Simon tried to escape, she goes to Michael and orders him to kill her son. So the question remains if Michael will follow Sophia's orders or if he'll heed Leila's words about him staying the father she used to know and respect.

Elias' is rushed into surgery and he almost dies on the operating table. Even though Elias' is saved from dying, he's lapsed into a coma just as Sophia said he would. While Elias' is fighting for his life, Jarvis is sworn in as president. His first act is to order all aggression against Sophia and her people be stopped immediately. That along with Blake getting the lab report back on the coffee that spilled on his sleeve containing a compound they don't have the knowledge to create, makes Blake realize Jarvis is Sophia's pawn.

Blake confronts Jarvis and begs the man to break all ties with Sophia, but he fires Blake and orders him escorted off the premises. It isn't long, though, that Jarvis finds out that Blake is right. Sophia is using him as a pawn. 

Sean and Vicky rush to the airport and book themselves on the flight the courier is taking the contaminated lungs to the United States on. Their only clue is it's someone named Alex. A red herring the audience is lead to believe is the courier turns out to be someone smuggling drugs inside the U.S. Sean gets Vicky to contact someone in Homeland Security and warn them about what's on the plane they send two jet fighters to escort the plane to a safe spot to land. 

When Sophia finds out about this she calls Jarvis and plays hardball with him. She tells him he either calls off the military escort of the plane or she'll attack another monument the way she did the Washington Monument. As expected, Jarvis caves.

It isn't until Sean and Vicky are going through customs that they realize the stewardess is the real courier. They give chase, but her partner gets the drop on Sean and threatens to kill him unless Vicky drops her gun and allows them to get away. Sean tells her to forget about him and take out both of them, but she can't do it, which allows Sophia's people to get away with the tainted lungs. 

Another person that can't do it is Michael. He can't bring himself to kill Simon, so he helps him to escape. Unfortunately, as Michael, Leila and Simon are trying to escape, Sophia realizes Michael has betrayed her and sends the dogs after them. Michael is shot and Leila opts to stay with him as Sophia's people close in on them, while Simon manages to escape the compound in hopes of warning the world what's coming there way.


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