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The Event -- The Series Finale

Updated on May 25, 2011

Was This The Event?

I know a lot of viewers and critics turned on this show because it wasn't the new Lost. As I've said before, no show should aspire to be LOST. LOST ended up being a long con played on the viewing public by those two idiots known by the acronym Darlton. They also wrote the show off for taking so long to reveal what the event was. Myself, I stopped wondering about the event, and just enjoyed the ride. I'm still not sure if we saw the event.

For the most part a lot of answers were given so the story was wrapped up, unlike LOST, where no answers were given, or some kind of crappy answer that didn't even explain anything was given. So I'm kind of just looking at The Event as a one season show that ended with a, "Now what happens" cliffhanger, but that ultimately tied up most of the loose ends and gave most of the answers the viewer needed.

Most of the episode involved the race against time to stop Sophia's plan to wipe out the population, while that delusional idiot Jarvis was doing everything in his power to make sure Sophia's plan succeeded thinking it would be them and not us. Refusing to accept that Sophia was targeting us first.

The plot to infect our money with the disease was easily stopped. So was the plot to stop our food from being infected. But the most dangerous plot was to stop Sophia from infecting the airport so people travelling abroad would spread the disease to other countries. It was Sean that eventually managed to stop Sophia from releasing the virus at the airport. Only she would have the last laugh, yet.

Meanwhile, Elias spent his time trying to wrench the presidency from Jarvis' grasping hands. It didn't look good for Elias when he proved Jarvis' words that he wasn't fit to be president, when he passed out in front of everyone.

I can be a vicious mongrel when I watch some shows. I was yelling at my TV, "Elias, just take out a gun and shoot him in the head. Just shoot him in the head!" Time was running out, and this idiot was aiding the destruction of mankind. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Just shoot him in the head.

Elias did it the nice way. He taped Jarvis blathering on about how Elias' could never prove what he'd done. Guess again, doofus. Apparently, Elias' phone was able to record the whole conversation. I don't think my cell phone can do that. It's only cost ten bucks, so it doesn't have extra features like being able to secretly record conversations. It's actually the second time this week I've seen someone taken down that way. Robin took down that psychotic man leech, Lisa, doing the exact same thing on General Hospital. She recorded her murderous plans via her cell phone. That's a warning to one and all. If you're going to do something nefarious, make sure the person you're doing it to doesn't have their cell phone on them.

After the whole crisis at the airport, Sean was once again reunited with his beloved Leila. For awhile there I thought maybe something might happen between Sean and Vicky. Leila is still in isolation and she revealed that they're going to have a baby.

Elias' back in charge, couldn't wait to stick his tongue at Sophia. "Na na na na na na, I won and you lost." Of course, Sophia had the last laugh when she told him, "Mr. President, I was being merciful to you." Ruh-roh! 

Of course, the character I wanted to smack the crap out of was Simon. He starts to explain what the event is and then right in the middle of it he says he has to go. No, no, no! All we know is Simon's people believe an event will occur that will transform them into something else, and we humans apparently won't adapt. I'm like, show me a screenshot of that scroll. I analyzed every eye close up from Lost. There were some left eye close-ups and some right eye close-ups, there was even a cartoon eye close-up. I analyzed that stupid wheel in the lighthouse that meant nothing. Give me a shot at analyzing that scroll to try and figure it out.

Simon also revealed one other little gem. They were here, first. So, basically Earth belongs to them and we're all just a bunch of squatters they're going to kick off the planet. Supposedly, they left because we couldn't adapt if this event happened.

Anyway, while everyone thinks it's all over, the ground starts suddenly shaking and trembling and everyone looks up at the sky in horror. No, it's not the V ships littering the summer sky. It's something a whole lot worse. We've suddenly got another planet sitting in our sky like a new sun or moon. 

I guess when Sophia talked of using a portal to bring her people here, I figured it would be like Star Trek and "Beam me down, Scotty." I didn't think they were going to bring the whole freaking planet there.

Of course, at this point, I'm getting a bit huffy because they haven't addressed the matter about Christina, which was one of the big unsolved mysteries left to solve. She was obviously lying when she told Elias she was an illegal alien. She may be an illegal alien, but she wasn't from another country, she was from another planet. And that's when they finally answered the question. They show Christina and her son looking up at the sky and he asks what that is and she replies simply, "Home." Yep, she's one of them, all right.

Of course the questions that will never be answered are: What will Elias do when he learns his wife is one of them? Just what's going to happen to the human race when mass-extinction by a horrible killer flu bug is merciful compared to what will happen to us now? And will Sean and Leila's child somehow manage to be the answer to save humanity since it'll be 3/4 human and 1/4 whatever these people are.

I was really upset when I heard the show had been cancelled. It got its act together and it's probably better than a lot of the new shows that got green-lighted for the fall. But I ultimately decided to just look at this show as simply a one-season series. Maybe more should be like that. I enjoyed that one season show Life on Mars, too, and liked how it got wrapped up, when it got cancelled.

If this show ever gets released on DVR, I'll buy it, which is more than I did for the final season of LOST. 


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