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The Fast and Furious 6

Updated on May 27, 2013

Do you like non-stop action movies and fast cars? Do you love seeing Paul Walker and Vin Diesel on the big screen? If you do then you have to see The Fast and the Furious 6.

The Fast and the Furious 6 is the sixth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise. It stars; Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, The Rock, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez. Tyresse also stars in this movie.

Brian (Walker) and Mia (Brewster) are now parents. Letty (Rodriguez) has recently left the hospital after an accident and has no memory of anything. She is involved with a bad crew. It is up to Brian, Dominick Toretto (Diesel) and Hobbs (Dwayne a.k.a. The Rock) to save her. Together they form a crew and go against the tough crew. Dom tries to remind Letty of who she was and what they had.

The movie has non-stop action from beginning to end. It's two hours but when you are watching the movie you feel as if ten minutes passed by.

Will Letty remember who she once was or will she stay with the bad crew forever? It's up to you to find out.

The Fast and The Furious 6 came out Friday May 24th 2013. Be sure to see it while it is out. You don't want to miss it.

Will you see The Fast and The Furious 6 in theaters or wait for it to come out on DVD?

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